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Moth Pouch

This week, with the 2007 EAA AirVenture in full swing, you just need to wait a minute before you see or hear an airplane around here.  You don't have to be anywhere near the EAA grounds or an airport; heck, you might just be driving down the highway...  That's called Sharing The Road.

We had a tiny little airshow of our own at the front door last night.  I don't know if this is a moth or some other kind of bug (click for big), it's kind of creepy and looks like it could bite, but pretty cool in flight.  (Note to self:  Time to paint the front door?)

I didn't rip back the Wallaby pouch after all, and I'm glad I gave myself some time to look it over and think about it.  I'll be making more of these, so there will be opportunity to do things differently.  I'll be starting Wallaby sleeves at Knit Night tonight.

Continuing with my never having the same schedule two weeks in a row this summer, I'm working tomorrow (my usual day off), taking Thursday and Friday off intead to head up north for the weekend.  I'm planning my travel route with yarn stores as my guide, and may make an adventure of it on Friday -- Hurley and Ashland, for sure, possibly Bayfield and Madeline Island?



So no call tomorrow? I'm sad!

That bug IS scary. Way scary.


I love the colors of the Wallaby!

Sounds like a lovely trip. I didn't know Madeleine Island had a yarn shop...cool. Bit of a drive, though, eh? Have fun.


I do not like the bug.


"Click for big.." Are you insane? It's plenty big as it is girlfrined!! I love the Wallaby. Glad you kept it as is. Have a great weekend. Travel safely.

Andrea (noricum)

That is one *creepy* bug! Definitely *not* a moth.


I love the colors, too.

the bug? ew.

Travel to Northern Wisconsin? Excellent! Have a glorious time.


We used to go to EAA every other year or so. It was always sooooo hot. Fun, but hot.

Hmm, not coming into our neck of the woods this time. Darn. Have a great trip, though!


Love the Wallaby with the reverse on the pouch! Great colors! Wallabys are fun to make I have made a couple and am thinking of making more. The bug ewww!


Your Wallaby looks wonderful indeed! That's a really nice color combo. Isn't it all mostly about the learning what we like and what we don't? What we should have done or will do next time? As for the scary bug, nooo no, I'm not clicking on bigger! I'm ascared!


That bug looks prehistoric!

I love wallabies.. they are so cozy... and just seeing one makes me wish for Fall.

Have a fun trip!


That's a neat-looking bug! I wonder what it could be.

If you go to Ashland, stop at Northwoods Dyeworks. It's on Main Street just west of 9th Ave West. She has been dyeing her own yarn, plus she has a great selection of commercially-made yarns. Oh, and have fun in Bayfield and on the Island if you go! We were just up there and I miss it so.

Cindy B

The Island???? Oh how I miss the island. Mad Island Weaver. Smaller that it use to be, but there are usually deals to be had. There is also yarn at Island Thyme (as soon as you get off the ferry). The yarn there is made by a woman on the island who has her own large flock of sheep. There is also yarn at the Woods Hall Craft shop. As well as a great deal of other local crafts. Washburn has Quilting Essentials which also has yarn as well as Quilting Essentials. And yet another quilt/yarn store on the way into Bayfield. And there are a couple of downtown shops that also have yarn. Have a lovely time! Wish I were going!


The pattern on the back of the bug is way neat and can be an inspiration for knit pattern, or mittens --- I can imagine a solid color with embroidery of the buggy design on the back of he mitts... nature is infinitely creative!


Travel Safely. I hope you feel better soon--its not easy being in pain and trying to go about your daily business....

That is one creepy looking bug:) I don't think I seen anything like it before:)


What is that thing? Bugs tend to freak me out. But that Wallaby, realy freakin' cute! I love the colors, and it really make me want to knit a striped one too!


I was up north all last week with mom while dad and brother were at the EAA show. They go every year. I'd rather sit on the beach with mom and a book!

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