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The moon and the stars (or the sun and the clouds) did not align in such a way yesterday to provide any decent light at all for photographing neither a finished Wee Willie Wallaby nor an almost finished Baby Surprise Jacket!  I wove in the last of the 14,000 Wallaby ends in the car yesterday, and when that was finished, I knit nearly to the end of the BSJ, and I bound off last night -- there are, indeed, some surprises with that one and it was fun to do!  There's just one more shoulder to sew up and buttons to choose, and then both of the BSJs are going to get a good soak/washing to remove excess dye (needles turning color is a clue) and just so soften them up a bit.  That's on the weekend docket -- I don't think I'll get to it before then.  I plan to deliver all three (two BSJs for the baby and the Wallaby for Mack) in person in a couple of weeks -- no one's going to much need a sweater 'round here for a while yet.

(That statement just begs Mother Nature to do something, doesn't it?)

ButtonsMy mother called me, breathless, at 9:00 yesterday morning to say that she'd just tried to call Annie and there wasn't an answer and maybe they're at the hospital having a baby!  Um, yeah... and maybe they're doing one of about a million other possible last-Sunday-morning-before-the-baby's-born things, too.  ; )  Excited much?!  I did mention that the booties were in Saturday's mail, though, so everything's set and he/she can come out anytime now.

Did I mention the buttons?  They're from The Vintage Collection -- mostly Grandma's and Great Grandma's (a drawer of her old sewing machine was full of 'em), and a few of mine.  I think these are metal-rimmed plastic.  They were dirty, so I had to wash them -- and I'm sure I noticed the dent as I washed and dried and sewed the button on, but didn't really "see" it 'til it turned up as an unintended focal point in this photo.

That picture will be my visual as I head into this crazy month and try to keep things in focus.  There's the focus on the big picture with many small parts, there's intended focus on one specific part of the bigger thing, and then maybe some even smaller thing that initially goes undetected -- unintended yet inescapable focus that makes all the difference.  It also makes me smile.  Were those on Grandpa's shirts?  Did he dent it while fixing one of the saws at the factory?  Great Grandpa's?  Dented while he went about doing the million daily chores of a farmer?

* * * * *

Yesterday, DH and I finally went to Algoma, an old fishing town on Lake Michigan.  We've had this on the radar for months, and could have picked a nicer weather day -- but finally!  My grandparents lived there once -- in fact, Algoma was the destination of my first-ever road trip, at about 2 or 3 weeks of age, for Thanksgiving 1958.  We had lunch at Caffe Tlazo -- half of a wrap sandwich with tomatoes, artichoke hearts and spinach (it was huge); hubby had soup with his club wrap -- a to-die-for cream of mushroom with brie.  We walked along the water a bit, saw some really great old fishing boats, and also through some of the old town.  I thought of Ann when we stopped at The Flying Pig -- mostly in the bathroom (I sure wish I'd had my camera) -- there were flying pigs everywhere!  Big and small, they were on the walls, on the shelves and, mostly, hanging from the very high ceiling!



The booties and buttons are so cute. Sounds like Ann needs to make a pilgrimage.


How awesome that those buttons hold some mystery to them! And I know what you mean about staying focused. But we are all here for you Vicki!!


Oh, how I love the multi-generational buttons - what a fabulous idea!


I don't care where, as long as you think of me!

Teresa C

Buttons like that just make the bootees so much more. More something, I just can't think what, but it is good. Your mom is funny. Like someone wouldn't be alerted to spread the word. Heh.

Teri in the state to the south of WI (You can take the girl out of Wisconsin, but you can't take the

Hello from one of your readers who knows Algoma! My dad was born and raised in Algoma and my grandmother was living there when I was born in the same year you were! She was a schoolteacher. It's been years since I was there - how is that cute little town?

Is the long pier with the lighthouse still there?


I love the button history. That is such a neat way to share family heirlooms! :)

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