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Dsc01116... is for football and flowers.

You can barely make out some dark objects, far in the distance, between the leaves.  I took this picture from my back porch.  It's our high school football team -- the season kicks off tonight!  I've had the door open and have already heard the warm-up, our National Anthem, the introduction of the team, and now the game is underway.  The wind is great (as in there really isn't any), so I can hear everything as clear as a bell -- cheers from the crowd, the excitement of the announcer -- it gives me chills, the kind that warm my heart.  In a few weeks, as the leaves begin to fall, I can use the binoculars and get a better view.  Yeah, I could just walk down there and watch the game up close and personal, but I get a kick out of doing it this way.

The rain has stopped, but you can see it wasn't very long ago.  "Sun" and "weekend" were used in the same sentence during the weather forecast today.  I'm ready.



Such a pretty flower.

LOL You get a rush from peeping from your house. ;)

Hope that the weekend is good for you.


I think that's neat that you can hear the football game from your house. You've just gotta love a small town!

Kathy W.

We can hear the band practice from our house all summer long. It's pretty neat.

It's a bit sunny here today and the grass is in need of mowing but I went outside with the Professor this morning and the ground is soggy. I think we'll wait.

I've already started my checklist for winterizing the house. *shaking my head in disbelief* Where did the summer go?


Do you secretly do cheers on yourk; Waaaaay back!"


That was sopposed to say: Do you secretly do cheers on your porch? "Push 'em back, push 'em back;, waaaaay back!"


Your post brings back an old childhood memory. We lived about two blocks from a softball park and some summer nights I would be in my room and I would hear the crack of a bat and the cheer of a crowd for some local league game.
There was also drum and bugle corp band that would practice in the church parking lot across the street, that was fun too.


ooooh! Us too! My husband is coaching a local high school team and we had our first scrimmage today--gotta love the autumn!


Hope your weekend was as nice as it sounds!


Great pictures and I could almost hear that game myself. Still high 90 temps here in AR but reading your blog makes me feel like autumn really will appear some day soon.

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