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I met with the director of a program I'm interested in (she's a late-bloomer, too) -- very interested in, as in, I think I might know what I want to be when I grow up -- at my local technical college today, and I have applied for school.


I still have to register for classes -- WHICH START IN LESS THAN THREE WEEKS (my busy August just got busier) -- I'm thinking three (a 3CR, a 2CR, and a 1CR that is somewhat online) to start, and I hope it's not too much for a latter-40s who's only taken ONE OR TWO community ed classes (chair caning, computer spreadsheets, conversational German... anyone?) PER DECADE since graduating high school.  I'll still be working at my FULL-TIME JOB, of course, so it will take me longer than two years to get the TWO-YEAR DEGREE, but it's a start.

All through my 30s and most of my 40s, I've thought of things I might like to pursue, but would get stymied by the 2 or 3 or 4 years of required schooling.  There's working, cooking, cleaning, and stuff like walking the dog and grocery shopping on top of going to school and studying -- and when will I ever find time?  Then, 2 or 3 or 4 years would pass and I'd think, "Well, shit, I could have had that degree by now."

This time, I'm excited about the program.  It encompasses and combines many of my interests -- writing, research, web and print design -- and I've actually worked in a number of areas covered, which means that I could test out of a course or two.  It almost seems tailor-made; I will definitely learn new things, but honing and fine-tuning others.  It seems to fit like... a pretty well-fitting glove.  I'm excited.

Thanks for the inspiration, V.



I just registered for 4 classes for the fall and I'm 49. I am already taking 2 classes so it will be 18 credits. I wrote my resignation from my crummy job today so will be finished a couple of days before school starts. I will be substitute teaching while I do this. I am trying to finish my library degree by the end of next summer. So I wish you the best, know that you can do it, and think of me as you're working away.


Make sure you get yourself a really cool lunch box - like maybe a Bratz or Cheeta Girls. That way you can hang out with the cool girls! Congrats to you - I know you can do it - you can do it all Vicki!


Congratulations!!! It's.Never.Too.Late.
But you knew that.


Yay for youuuuuuuu!


Hey, I just did the same thing and I'm 46. Make sure you get the advisor to look over all your transcripts (if you matriculated at that school a while back there may be different requirements for you - in your favor!) and make sure you get it all in writing, signed off by the advisor.


YOU GO GIRL! I'm so glad it was everything you wanted it to be. Was she cute too? ;-)


Congrats! "Non-traditional" students usually do really, really well. :)


Good job, Vicki! It took me 15 years to get my 2 year degree, but I did it, and you can too! It won't take you that long, I'm sure. But I kept going and I'll be getting my Ph.D. soon, so you never know where it will lead you. Now that I'm teaching community college classes, I find that "re-entry" students who have life experience and a good work ethic are usually the best ones in the class, and I'll bet you will be too. Yay for you!


congratulations Vicki!! this is so exciting !!!


You can do this. I think it's amazing how we adapt and make time for the things that matter. I got my master's degree when I was married, working full time, and had a 2 year old. And I had to drove an hour and 15 minutes each way to get to school. I look back now and have no idea how I managed but at the time I just did it.
Yay for you, Vicki!


What wonderful and exciting news. You'll do well, be great! It sounds like a perfect fit. Selfishly I hope you'll still be here, with us in Blogland, too.


Congratulations! You will do great.

I'm entering the final semester of my 4th or 5th year working on an associates degree. If I can do it with a 6 & 9 year old at home, still working part time, so can you! I've even managed to knit some.

Organization and time management will be your best friends though, that much I can tell you.


Congrats! I'll be cheering you on!


Congratulations! I've been lurking around your site for a few weeks now (I'm a fellow Wisconsinite with roots in the Fox River Valley), fully admiring your writing and wonderful sense of style captured in your photography. I'm sure you'll do marvelously!


Good for you Vicki! Congratulations!


Congratulations! I read your blog but don't comment very often. I went back to school later in life as a single parent with 3 kids. I don't know how I did it, but I did. You'll be amazed at how much you can fit in!


I have my application for school sitting on my desk as we speak. I have no excuses for why I haven't gone back just shear laziness and procrastination.

I'm glad you were woman enough to do it maybe I'll actually hand it in today!


Way to step up and embrace life! Congrats!


That really is great! Congrats! :)


And - trust me - you can do the class work while still living a life easily. It will surprise you.
Now I just wish I knew what I wanted to be when I grow up.


Hooray for you. It's never too late to go back to school, especially if it will allow you to do something you can really get excited about.


That’s great news, Vicki! Congratulations. I know you will do exceedingly well.

Andrea (noricum)

Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your classes. :)


Congrats Vicki!! You can do it, and the fact that the program fits so many interests and you are excited about it, this will help you get through it. Yay for you!


That's cool, Vicki..but, when will you knit????? Congratulations!

Mary in Boston

Oh! Hooray!!!! Good for you. You will find that you fit in just fine. The biggest group of students seems to be us...returning to school for advanced degrees, specialty degrees and the like.

(see this article

I think you will LOVE it. I'm so excited for you.


Congrats! Going back to school is scary, but if you can put your mind to it you can do it.


Congratulations Vicki! Cam's summer school teacher is encouraging me to go back to finish--although I barely started my Masters. I am afraid I can't do it though. I will watch you to find some inspiration. Go Vicki!!


Congratulations, Vicki! I've just made the decision to "go back to school" myself, to get my Master's degree. I'm doing it online, though, because that just fits so much better with my life. I spend all day in a classroom ~ I'm a teacher ~ and I just can't face spending my evenings in one, too! Hope your program is everything you want it to be, and more.


I'm so happy for you, Vicki! Congratulations!!


Coooooool! :D


Good for you!!!!


Congratulations!!!! It is NEVER too late and when you get to be of a (ahem)certain age, who the hell cares what anyone thinks....GO FOR IT!!!
you are one wonderful, inspiration to many.
keep your chin up you will do just GREAT!

Beth S.

Hooray! :-) I hope you find this new challenge very satisfying. :-)


2, 3, or 4 years will go by whether you're in school or not, so GO for it. Just think, you can knit in all your classes.

Even the decades ago that I went to med school, many of the women in my class were older, "non-traditional" students. Most of the profs loved them, because they had life-experience and were there because they truly wanted to be there. You already know how to juggle many things to make life work, this will just be one more.


Way to go, Vicki! But does this mean fewer blog posts here? All in a good cause, though. You know we are all cheerin' for ya!


That's fantastic, Vicki. Nothing wrong with late blooming -- you have the advantage of experience and really wanting to go. Have you read the kids book "Leo the Late Bloomer?" -- it's wonderful!


Good for you! You really took conversational German? I have a German degree. My mom is about half-way done. She went back a couple years ago. Are you thinking of going into printing?


Good for you! I have yet to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.


Holy Crap, Vicki! Going to school as a "grownup" is WAY cool. I am the poster child for "late bloomers". I didn't start college until I was thirty-seven, applied for grad school at forty-four and finished my master's degree at forty-seven. Your life experience as a worker and a mom will keep you grounded and focused, and the two years will just fly by, believe me, and you'll be done and have the degree. Teachers and professors LOVE re-entry students because they have that life experience and aren't as full of themselves as the twenty-somethings they normally teach. You are BRILLIANT, and you need to affirm that every day, even when you have an assignment due and little inspiration. Repeat after me, "I am brilliant. I know what I'm doing. I can do it." I know you can do it. So does everyone else.


Congratulations Indeed! This is so wonderful! Words cannot express the sense of accomplishment one feels at completing those 4 years and having that degree in your hands! This is something that will be only yours: all the learning, striving, and at the end total satisfaction and pride in your accomplishments:) You can Do It--and probably better than most as you have more life experiences than some of the younger kids:)


Congrats! I think it's so great you are doing this. I just graduated last May at 31 and while working full-time. I have to agree with a couple of comments about the non-traditional students doing really well. I think we care more about learning and getting all that we can out of it.

You're going to love it and it sounds perfect for you. Best of luck!

Vicki Forman

oh YAY!!!! Can we get you some school supplies???!!!

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