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Monday muttering

Hallelujah, the sun came out over the weekend after what seems like weeks of cloudy/rainy gray.  Besides living full-time in a "neighborhood" of weekend/vacation homes -- each with a different occupant every weekend/vacation, otherwise a weekday ghost town (who am I supposed to borrow a cup of sugar from or lend an egg to?) -- the gray was one of the things that chased me from the Oregon coast.  Oh, you've never seen a more beautiful place, and it can be very interesting during the first day or two of a storm (we sought high ground due to tsunami warnings once!), but day after winter day after day of clammy cold misty-not-quite-rain grayness, punctuated by real rainy days, wherein weeks go by -- not for me.  Must have more regular, reliable sun.

The plentiful recent rain was too late to benefit the ferns I have out front -- they've been parched and brown for a while now.  I took my opportunity to do some garden clean-up -- trimming spent hosta, astilbe, meadow rue, coral bells.  I'm ashamed to say that my espalier tree has been quite neglected all year... is still.  My sore muscles remind me that I was a more frequent, much better gardener when I was also a smoker -- not a good enough reason to take it up again.

I was able to hang laundry on the line for the first time in a long time.  A wasp buzzed my ear by the second pin, then another, giving me the heebies, and then the jeebies, and hovering a little too close for comfort (truthfully, anyplace that I can see them is too close for comfort -- I have a thing about buzzing, stinging bugs).  I watched as one, then another, flew into the bird house that tops the bird feeder that tops my clothesline pole!  OMG, that thing's been there for years (one of the girls made the "feeder" and one painted the "house") without incident!  I've gotta tell you, I'm all about the natural remedies and cleaners and being green, except in the case of stinging bugs (!) -- particularly after witnessing, just last week, the near doubling in size of a man's leg due to a sting -- and let's just say, for the sake of your heart, that you don't ever want to be driving with me when a bee is discovered in the car.  Anyway, I shot that birdhouse full of spray and stood safely behind the back porch screen door, watching as somewhat drunken and sluggish (certainly not "dead on contact") wasps emerged -- I should have counted, it was a surprising number for such a tiny house!


I soaked and pinned out my swatches.  The first two grew quite a bit -- good to know, I guess -- especially the garter stitch.  I guess I should have seen that coming.  Questions are next.

I wound up some cashmere from hank-to-ball and thought about starting Kent's Beret, but was too lazy to hunt for needles -- I don't think it would have been all that strenuous, really, but even "all that" was too much on Saturday night after a full day of farmers' marketing, laundering, bug/birdhouse drama.  Instead, I grabbed some nearby tweedy yarn and a much more handy pair of needles and cast on for something that I've never mentioned on the blog.  Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever mentioned it to anyone, anywhere.  Two repeats done on the sleeve swatch.  I tried to take a picture this morning, but it's dark now in the morning!  The sunrise was pretty -- and red.  I guess I shouldn't have been so surprised by this morning's thunderstorm.



I don't any bugs, one day I'll tell you about my Christmastime dance with a wasp nest. I can't wait to see the mystery project! If I could bottle it, I'd you some sunshine so you have it whenever you wanted:)


Shucks, it's hard seeing the light go away. I do agree that it was wise to leave the Oregon coast; my in-laws live on the California North Coast and though I envy them when we are having a heat wave, I would miss the sun as much as you describe.


The sun hasn't been around at all today and the rain and thunder are expected again any minute. We've had plenty too thankyouverymuch! I'd sure appreciate a bit of sunshine around here!


Sadly we are on the opposite end. Whe have had tons of sun and no rain. We have been getting excited about dark clouds just for them to blow over. It has been horribly hot too.

So what is this project that you are so secretive about?


It's always a good idea to spray a nest like that at night. That way, all the bugs are "home" and you get rid of all of them at once. Just in case this ever happens again. :-)

Kathy W.

What I remember the most about Oregon was the ice storms so bad I couldn't walk down the hill to the bus stop for work. Let alone get the car out of the driveway.

This gloom is starting to get to me. Most of what I planted this year never came up so I gave up and decided I'm not a gardner.

"I'm not a gardner, Jim...I'm a knitter."


I don't know if this applies on dry land but I always remember the old sailors mantra, "Pink night, sailors delight. Pink morning, sailors take warning."


your to sleeves on a sweater & haven't mentioned it - wowza


Your swatches look great. I need to get going on mine...oooo a secret project... :)


You live in tourist area? We learn something new about you every day.


I hate buzzy things too, I just have to hear one to get goosebumps, I stop the car and get out if one flies in, no matter where I am. It is not always the best idea, but hey if you are scared run, leaving behind all of your children.. .
and the car, keys, bag, phone,
irrational, me? no!!


I feel the same way about stinging bugs. I have had several accidents when I was young and it has traumatized me. All I have to hear is buzzing in my ear and I run like the wind.


Wasn’t it a beautiful weekend! We were camping near Brodhead and the Sugar River was way, way, way up beyond its banks! The whole lower part of the campground was completely flooded. Amazing.

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