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Picture Perfect Picnic Weather


It's one of the most beautiful days of the year here today.  It would be perfect for a picnic (if I wasn't chained to a desk all day) and I just happened to receive my Special Swap "Picnic" package from Marisol yesterday!

There are treats to nibble and sip from, some things to help keep me organized, and then some things that are just plain pretty.  What do you think, hm?  That felted pansy bowl is to die for, isn't it?  I can't wait to find a special place for it.  And that yarn!  Let's take a closer look...


I think I love it more every time I look at it!  It was mere seconds before I brushed those hanks across my lips, and then across my cheeks, and finally buried my nose deeply into -- delightful!  My head is swimming with ideas.  Thank you, Marisol.

I must admit that the inspiration was a little slow in coming for this swap than it was for the last, but I did eventually catch a big picnic wave.  The most troublesome part about these swaps, for me, turns out to be finding the right box in the end.  ; )  It also turns out that the best part of these swaps, for me, is the giving -- my box is off to Marisol today and I can't wait!  Yippee!

* * * * * *

A contest clue...  I started my new -- I'll admit it -- rather obscure sweater by doing a sleeve/swatch -- and it is the only place I could have started.  In order to qualify, please leave your contest entries in the comments on this post only (by midnight where you are on Sunday).  (Yes, if you change your mind or have another thought, you may enter more than once.)  I didn't realize how easily the mooshy-squooshy literary reference would be to track down, but oh well -- there will just be more names in that puddle pot.



Lovely picnic fixins! Lucky you...


What a fun picnic treat for you! This was a challanging theme, wasn't it?



Yay! You liked your goodies!!! I had a lot of fun collecting these special treats for you:)

Enjoy the handspun--I'll stay tuned to see what they become:)

I'm off to get my hands on one of those gorgeous bowls hehe... I must have one of my own:)


What a nice picnic! That bowl is a beauty and so is the yarn, lucky girl!


Oh, what a lovely package. You did a great job, Marisol.


Oooo look at all those goodies. What a great picnic package. I love the felted basket. Too cute.


What a lovely package, the pansy bowl is so sweet.


What lucious yarn! I just love the colorway! :)

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