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Seeing red

Redphone Redbootees Redstash Redstripes

Left to right:  my red phone, baby's new red slippers, red stash, red stripes.

Redbuttons_2 Moreredbuttons Redmittens Redscarf

And again:  red buttons, more red buttons, red on mittens, red scarf.


Did someone say, "Red Scarf"?  Well, my friend Norma did, of course!  And wouldn't you know, I just happen to be right in the thick of a very red mood.

I added both the Red Scarf Project 2008 blog button and the PayPal Donate button for the new Red Scarf Fund for Foster Youth on the sidebar yesterday.  In fact, they're right there on top -- can't miss 'em -- and there they will remain for a while.

If you don't know what it's all about, the Orphan Foundation of America has a nice Red Scarf Intro along with guidelines and some great pattern links -- and remember, your scarf doesn't even have to be red this year!

And if you make a donation to the Red Scarf Fund -- in addition to or instead of knitting a scarf -- let Norma know.  You could win one of the many fabulous prizes rolling in -- there's some awesome stuff.



I frogged the first six inches of my red scarf -- bad stitch choice, bad color choices -- and am happily about twelve inches into the newer, better choice. Yay, red scarf for Norma!


Red looks so good on your blog! ;-) I need to add links to Norma to my side bar!


Hey, it's all about ME ME ME!!!!!! Somebody better start shrinking my head before it gets out of control!!!

Jen W!~

Love that red. Those booties are too cute. I'll have to check out Norma's site and see what I can do to help.


LUV those little red slippers!!!

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