Time out

Oberich2 Orchid2

Katie and I slipped over to the Bolz Conservatory at Olberich Botanical Gardens for a little time-out on Sunday.

Opansy1 Opansy2

Orchid1 Pitcher

Olberich1 Tropbleedingheart

The textures and colors, flowers and foliage... orchids, orchid pansies, tropical bleeding hearts, pitcher plants... I'm so glad I brought my camera.  Today is, I think, Day Four of rain -- and the prediction is for at least three more.  How many ways can we say, "Dark and dreary"?  If you've got a botanical garden or conservatory or arboretum -- even a nice nursery -- nearby, I recommend it highly to chase a little bit of the blues on a gray day.

News:  My sister Karen called me yesterday and YAHOO'd in my ear so loud, I grumpily complained about a broken eardrum.  I forgave her when she told me that the reason for her (more & louder than usual) exuberance was that she was FINALLY offered a full-time teaching position!  Woohoo, Karen.  You go, girl.

I had my first class last night and... I think I'm going to like it -- a lot.  ; )  There's going to be a lot of work, but it's interesting -- everyone involved in the class is also interesting.  The material is well prepared and very thorough and organized and that's a huge relief.  It feels sane and even grounding, and I need that.

More later.  There's still a lot going on -- or, more likely, I'm adjusting to all that's been going on.  I feel a little on edge, like I could laugh hysterically or sob uncontrollably at any second (and maybe simultaneously) -- or not; like forgetting or losing something is almost inevitable, it's just a matter of what, when and where; like one of the tomatoes I'm juggling is going to suddenly go *SPLAT* at my feet.

Well, then I just make tomato sauce, right?  I know, I know... I'm breathin'!!



The danling berry picture is so amazing and unique...I've never seen anything like it. Sending good thoughts your way...it sounds like you are doing a good job of juggling it all...tomato sauce doesn't sound all that bad, either. ;-)


Congrats to your sis! I'm glad you like the class...that will make a big difference. The flowers are absolutely lovely and so different from what you see around here. :)


I've never even heard of Tropical Bleeding Hearts - those are gorgeous. Glad your class went well. I always loved the beginning of a new school year.


Great news on for your sister! Keep breathing ... sometimes it's all we can do!


Lovely photos. The tropical bleeding heart makes me think, alternately, of red butterflies on white silk hankies and of Christmas decorations.

Have you told us what you are studying? Sorry, having a senior moment here...


Gorgeous crazy colorful gorgeous! It's gonna be gray here too for at least 4 days, so thanks for the color report. I can almost smell the earthy goodness there. A big congrats to your sis for landing a great job/good luck Karen! I'm happy your class is better than you hoped :)


The weather is so lazy, isn't it? And for me, it's hard to be lazy with two little ones. The older is supposed to have swimmming lessons all week. HAH. If you make it back to madison and to the sow's ear, let me know! I might be able to join you.

Kathy W

Beautiful! After all this gloom those pictures were like medicine.

Good luck with school. I don't know how you fit everything in. You must be organized or something. :-)


Great photos, Vicki! Just the time out I needed after catching myself dozing at the computer. Keep taking the time outs! And breathing, of course. You will be so glad that you did the school thing, once you're on the other side of it.


Those pictures are beautiful. It has been gloomy here today and the humidity is opressive. Ugh.

Congratulations to your sister. That is wonderful.

Take a deep breath in, now let it out. Hope you feel calm soon. It is never a good feeling being on edge.


Lovely, lovely photos. I'm happy that you enjoyed your class.


great photos Vicki, its constant rain here too for the past few days.
Hope you are feeling calm soon, just keep juggling, seems like you are doing fine.


I am so excited to hear about your class! sending good thoughts your way as we all muddle through some busy times .....

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