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Mission...and not so tweedle-y.  My LYS had a sale last week -- still has a sale, so I had to put blinders on last night when we met for our Master's get-together -- and I found a few things.  Most notable is some Lana Grossa Royal Tweed in three colors, and some Mission Falls 1824 Cotton in two colors (besides the gray, shown, there's also a little black).

I have in mind a tweedy sweater or vest or something or two for me -- love these colors and it was a very good deal.

The cotton is destined to be another Wee Wallaby -- it might be a size larger, might have a hood this time, maybe some cables, will likely not be striped, but maybe gray with black sleeves and/or a black pouch, or maybe big stripes just on the sleeves.

I found a couple of skeins of green wool for Kent's Moss Stitch Beret -- I'm so excited to knit that project -- and then I found some 50% off cashmere at The Sow's Ear on Saturday that will be perfect to line the brim!  I now have -- and have made use of -- my own Sow's Ear customer loyalty card and will definitely -- definitely -- take the long way to Madison in order to make future stops in Verona.  Nice shop, good coffee, great yarn, wonderful service, and lots of comfy chairs/knitting spots.

Lisa, the new crocheter at Knit Night, mentioned Maisy Knits in Ripon, which reminded me that Loose Ends -- long on my list -- was on my list the day I visited Maisy's, but I didn't make it.  So, now, it is next on my list!  Mark my words: My next trip to Madison will be via Mayville.

I finished my second #2 swatch last night and there is definite improvement over the first.  I think it is good enough, and so have cast on for #14.  Then I think I'll do the writing for those (#1-3 & 14).  I need to make some time to photograph and document these swatches -- heh, I think I have most of my ribbing rejects yet, and even they'd make a fun photo.



(smiling) – I love the Sow’s Ear, too. I never knew how spoiled I was insofar as great yarn stores around me!

What lovely yarn you got! I am anxious to see it all knit up and showing off its fibery goodness.


You were in Verona on Saturday? And you didn't tell me? For shame! I'm just a few blocks away from the Sow's Ear. Glad you found some nice yarn there. The gals are always really nice there. Though I'm partial to the coffee at Indigo down the street (shameless plug, because I work there!)


Lovely yarns. Sounds like you have good plans for it all.


Oh, those tweeds are gaw-gee-ous. I love them, they look fabulous, together or not. I can not wait to see what sort of magic you work with the yarn!


Hey! Stop by Off the Beaten Path Yarnhouse sometime! I work there on Saterdays. Ask for blogger C4G and I will hear you and greet you. :) Right off Monona Dr on the corner of Femrite and Rose Lawn. It's the original Femrite Farmhouse when the land around it used to be all farmland. Hard to imagine now-a-days, but the history is there.


Hey........I OWN Loose Ends Yarn Shop... stop in, introduce yourself... I will give you an extra 10% off anything you may choose to purchase.... I found your blog this morning and was happy to seee my shop mentioned! Depending on where you live... I can give you directions if you need them..... Michele


What lucious yarn! Sounds like a fun time as well! :)

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