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We can't build our dreams on superstitious minds

The Packers played their last of four preseason football games last night.  I tuned in and watched each of those games -- at exactly the moment Aaron Rodgers took over for Brett Favre.  It wasn't by any grand plan or design, but I haven't seen Brett throw a single pass this season.  Heh, I hear he's a pretty good quarterback!  I don't know what this means to the superstition in my mind, but I'd better not say any more lest I jinx something in the regular season.  I've probably said too much already.

Are you ready for some football?  My Knitorious Knaves are part of the Crafter's Fantasy Football League, brainchild of Vera/The Killer Vees, blogging at Needles, Hooks and Yarn, hosted by Beth/Touchdown Hounds, again this year.  I have found a few minute to rearrange some lists and I think I'm nearly set for the weekend's draft.  I had a blast with this last year.

So.  I think this post is going to be a whatever's on my list linkfest!

Speaking of lists...  I read Kathy's Life Lists post this week, as well as the article she linked and also listened to A List of To-Dos Before You Die on NPR.  I was reminded of our recent book club selection, The Next Thing On My List -- which I posted about it before and kmkat wrote to tell me that author Jill Smolinski blogs at My Life List.  When our club met to discuss the book, each member of the club was to share five things from our own list.  Here are some of mine:

  • Attend and assist at the birth(s) of my grandchild(ren)
  • Spend a month (at least) in a house on the Mediterranean
  • Own and drive a fast sportscar
  • Get a tattoo
  • Have a make-over/spa day
  • Take a hot-air balloon ride
  • Visit the Maritimes (and Labrador and Newfoundland)
  • Plan a meal that will be prepared especially for me -- to eat, drink & be merry, to share with the people I love. (Outside at long tables, maybe on a farm or in an orchard, maybe in the Mediterranean, or maybe on P.E.I.?)

It was especially fun to share our "short" lists and the reasons behind our choices -- it really helped us connect.  I recommend it as a fun, enlightening activity with a group of people you care about.

Another fun post/comments to read is this Contest! post at Mikknit.  You have 'til midnight tonight to share a memorable vacation story and a chance to win some beautiful Northwoods Dyeworks yarn.

Feeling perhaps a wee bit overwhelmed recently, I alluded to the fact that perhaps I might not be blogging as much.  Well, as you've probably surmised by now, that was pretty much a lie.  I can't stay away.  I think there are times when it gets to be a drag and a chore, but, truthfully, I enjoy it too much.  It makes me feel good.  It's part of my day.  Lynne said it well in a recent email, "...our blogs are our refuge, our connecting place, the place that transcends all of the craziness in our lives."

* * * * *

Another Contest Clue:  It's not Alice.  Don't go asking Alice.  Alice doesn't live here anymore.  Alice is in Wonderland.  (Contest entries in the comments to the afore-linked post only, please.)

* * * * *

But speaking of Alice...  Have you seen Jody's recent work on St. Brigid?  Absolutely astounding.  I can't wait for her next progress post!  She's doing a different sleeve treatment, more flattering for her, and she's adding a hood!  When I first read about the hood on Ravelry, I smiled and thought, "She's making The Rogue St. Brigid!"  I hope it works out, it could be so fantastic!  Jody is doing an outstanding job of adapting the pattern for a beautiful sweater that she would not wear into one that she would -- without compromising the essence of the sweater, the overall design intention (not just the cables) and details that make it "St. Brigid."  Personally, I think there's a line -- I can't say exactly where it is, but I think Jody's got a ways to go before she crosses it (the imaginary line in MY mind, which means absolutely squat; your mind and mileage may vary).  Elizabeth Zimmermann's name has been bandied about here quite a bit lately, along with that of Alice Starmore.  Both strong women with incredible creative vision, I imagine that their reactions to Jody's work would be at direct opposites.  Interesting to think about... I imagine fireworks.

Okay, that concludes... a very long post with lots of links and no pictures!  Sorry 'bout that.  Unless there's something incredibly blog-worthy over the next four days... the weather is supposed to be FANTASTIC and I have a hankering for housecleaning.  (I can't believe I just said that.)  It's true.  It might even approach the Clean Sweep variety.



I have the same desire to clean...do you think it might be that we want things just so before we close up the house for a long winters nap? Truthfully, I'm afraid to make a life 'wish' list. There are too many things I want to do that I know I'll NEVER get to do.


On my wish list: marry Brett Favre.
Well, except he's married. And famous. Not in my social circle by any stretch of the imagination.
Oh yeah, I'm married, too (happily).


I've been tinkering with my choices, and I'm ready for some football too.


Hey, thanks for the link!

I'm hoping The Pack makes it a good season this year! I haven't been able to catch any of the pre-season games, unfortunately (damned Minnesota tv stations!).


Good luck with your picks.


Life to-do lists are so trendy! The NYTimes just had an article about them, too.


I've been thinking about this life list thing. But I'm such an over achiever that if I made one I'd feel like I could only put things on it that I know I'd actually be able to do or I'd feel like a failure.


I don't know if i can rightly say I have the *cleaning* bug but I have the *finishing* bug this weekend. I feel that September is starting a new segment of the year, particularily for knitting, and I want to have a clean slate. Thanks for the wonderful links. I love these kinds of posts but, you know, they cut into my knitting time, with all my link-following and all. :-D Have a great long weekend.


Cleaning? OMG-I should, but I don't think so. Maybe next week;) I don't believe I can guess what you're knitting, so I'll just watch and see :)


uhm - wow. what do i say? THANK YOU for such a wonderful compliment!!! i have to admit it's a bit of a confidence builder too -- i keep pondering and questioning as i go.

and you know i can't leave without commenting on *your* St Brigid. it's a big part of the reason i'm finally tackling this sweater. your pics and your work is just beautiful.

ps - i love you family meal life list item. what a fantastic experience that would be!


All I saw here was - GET A TATTOO! :)


love your list. We share a couple of to-do's (get a tattoo and live in the mediteranean for a month - grin)
I haven't figured out my entire list yet, and I keep on adding to it. (bigger grin) good thing I plan on living a long time!


I want to get a tatoo also! I've been wanting one for a long time, but I'm afraid. I'm getting tired of being afraid though. Maybe we can go together?

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