Seeing red

Willoughby Wallaby FOo

Willoughby Wallaby Wee
An elephant sat on me

Willoughby Wallaby Woo
An elephant sat on you


The Wonderful Wallaby

by Cottage Creations

v. Willie Wallaby, size 4 -- for my nephew Mack (soon to be a new big brother)

Willoughby Wallaby Wack
An elephant sat on Mack*

Mission Falls Cotton (from leftovers -- the green is from Shirley Shrugs -- and stash); 2 full + 1 partial ball of each color (300-Green & 204-Gold)

Sizes 6-US and 8-US bamboo DPNs and Circs

Isn't it adorable?  Magical, too.  This is my first in-the-round raglan and I was positively giddy at the joining of sleeves to body.  I'll definitely make more of these -- not with stripes, or at least not as many, or better handling of the ends!  The striping was inspired by a Fibonacci sequence, with interpretive artistic license and laziness applied.

*Heh, what can I say?  My kids were raised on Raffi -- and Rugrats!  Good times.

BsjHere's the newest Baby Surprise Jacket.  I'm using the handspun I purchased last month at Wool Farm Crafts in Grantsburg, along with some red Lamb's Pride Worsted.  Obviously, the Lamb's Pride was a middle-of-the-road addition, and I intend to crochet a red edge around each cuff to pull it all together.  I let it simmer last night and here's the stew:  I think I'm going to rip and re-do the last bit -- the button holes are off, for one thing, and I thought I'd like the effect from reversing the join for the stripes, but I really don't.

I'm knitting out tonight -- both the Master's Group at Iris and the coffee shop Knitting Circle.  I have a new and improved Master's Swatch #1 for Deb to give the eagle-eye.  ; )  That one joins #3; next up is #2.



Both sweaters are darling!!


What a fun little Wallaby! I would like to knit 2 more for Christmas presents for my neice and nephew and I was toying around with the stripe idea for my nephew's...but now I am not so sure about it. I am pretty lazy about things sometimes...and really all that weaving in of ends? The Baby Surpirse is adorable too. All of this baby knitting happening over here...I like it!


OMG that is so adorable! Mack is sure to love it! Your newest baby surprise is cute too! :)


love your first raglan sweater!!!! I also did a Fibonacci inspired striped sweater this year, and hated all the ends...


Cute sweaters! I haven't ventured into sweater-land yet, but I think a baby/toddler raglan would be the perfect project to get me started.


The Wallaby is so cute! And I'm going to be casting on for two baby surprise jackets for a set of twins coming to our family this November.


I just love that Wallaby pattern, I've made one, and would like to make an adult size. That part where all you sew up is the underarm stitches is magic.


The Wallaby is adorable -- can't wait to see the modeled shot!


The Wallaby sweater is sooo cute! I love the stripes. And BS jackets are always cute too.


Both very very nice! We grew up on Rugrats too! I loved Angelica's version of America the Beautiful ;)


The Wallaby is just adorable! What a special gift.


Very nice sweaters, indeed! Kids' stuff is so much fun. And quick, too.


Two absolutely wonderful sweaters! I especially like the colors for the Baby Surprise. Two knitting groups in one! You are living right! *g*


Your Wallaby looks great, I bet Mack looks gorgeous in it.


How adorable! I love the wallaby colours. I wish I had little'uns to knit for.


Love the Wallaby. Mack will look adorable in it. Hope your knitting-out was fun too!


Love the Wallaby - I'm going to have to make one for the grandboy!


Sweet, sweet little clothing! AND congratulations to the new boy in the family! How will you ever wait a whole week to see him?

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