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Even though I'll see the baby -- Addison is his name -- for a bit next Wednesday, and am planning to spend the whole following weekend (3 days, even) down there, I don't know if I can wait!  It occurred to me yesterday that I don't have to!  I can ride down on Sunday for a sneak peek when Mom gets dropped off for her few days' stay!

HollyhockI tried to talk with my sister for a while yesterday morning, but it was hard to understand her through the sobs and sniffles.  Our connection wasn't good and it was hard to understand her with all the crying -- in fact, she initially asked for a call back in 10 minutes, but even after 10 she was STILL crying.  All I could gather is that she had a bad experience with a nurse.  Doesn't really matter what the circumstances are, in my opinion; I can't think of ANY circumstance where leaving the mother of a newborn so upset and distraught, barely 12 hours after delivery, is acceptable.  No excuse.  I'm pretty sure her perfect little baby boy was the best antidote!

Yesterday, I drove up to Door County with Mom and Katie -- something that's been on our list all summer!  We drove up on the lake side -- Institute, Jacksonport and Bailey's Harbor (where, years ago, I bought a favorite sun dress).  We continued up and over to Sister Bay where we didn't mind the wait for lunch at Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant because it gave us time to browse in the "Butik."  I ogled plenty of Dale of Norway (and other) sweaters!  Mom & Katie had variations on Swedish Pancakes, we all had lingonberries, and I had a fish sandwich.  We had a great table in the front corner with a great view of... the grass roof... and, eventually, three of the goats.  One of the goats had a beard -- they were adorable.

TarteletteHaving charted our general course beforehand using the trusty (alway a work-in-progress) Google Map I made -- Knitting, Yarn & Fiber In Wisconsin -- we found the Country Walk Shops and, in particular, Easy Stitchin' Needle Art!  The first thing I noticed was a For Sale sign in the window.  We browsed -- there's a mix of cross stitch, needlepoint, a little quilting, and yarn -- and shopped.  The sample of a small shawl caught both my eye and mom's -- turns out that Knit One Crochet Too's "Ribbon Triangles" Shoulder Wrap pattern is written for the smaller size that I like and a larger size that Mom would prefer... to have me knit.  Usually, I'm pretty good at deflecting such notions, but this is intriguing, plus she bought the yarn -- it looks a LOT better in-the-yarn.  Mom's will be brown and mine will be green.  I'm not a big fan of ribbon, in general, but this is gorgeous -- the colors!  I've already knit up nearly one of the four balls needed for the larger wrap.

So, after 16 years (!), Easy Stitchin' is stitchin' its last.  I talked briefly with one of the owners who said that her 80-something-year-old partner is neither able nor interested in continuing, and she wasn't interested in taking on a new partner.  There is an interested party supposedly working on financing, but she sounded doubtful, and unless a buyer comes through, they will be open through the season and then close their doors for good.

It has been a few years since I've been to Door County, but I have to say... there were a LOT of closed doors.  I was amazed.  Were we there on an off day, getting a little late in the season?  Yes.  But it's not the first time and I've never seen so few people, so many open parking spaces, so many closed shops, neglected orchards, and so many buildings (commercial and otherwise) for sale.  Times they are a'changing, I suppose.  It's still as beautiful as ever -- though so very dry this year!  We're well behind average rainfall totals in the whole area, but at 3" less than normal, Door County is probably the worst right now and it shows.

We made little stops all the way down the bay side -- Ephraim, Fish Creek, and Egg Harbor -- for coffee, chocolate, and antiques to round out the day.  Then I had to do laundry at home and get DH packed up to send him off this morning!  This post is already too long -- in the making, as well as the reading -- so I'll save the tale of his adventure for another day.



I remember when door county was the place to go - I guess it's popularity has changed.
For those hoping to retire in beauty it helps bring the prices down though......(thinking seriously of retiring tomorrow- as if!)


That just isn't right! New Mom's should get extra care.

Kathy W

I'm saving that map. There are more shops around me than I knew of. Thanks.

We're very dry here, too. I think we've only mowed four times all summer. And I've had to water my plants but some of them still died from lack of water.

I haven't knitted with ribbon before and really haven't felt the urge yet.



Thank you so much for the map! What a treasure. I have it bookmarked and am already planning a trip to the little yarn store I didn't know was out there up in Onalaska!


It’s extremely dry here, too. I love, love, love Door County! I’m so glad you were able to go!! I also forgot that you were going to be down by my way very soon. I wish we could work something out so that we could have a glass of something refreshing, at the very least, but I don’t know if it will happen as we are going camping again. You will be in Madison again though, yes?


Granted, new moms can be weepy with all those hormones shooting every which way, but that's unconscionable. I hope she has an advocate there to speak to management about that nurse.


My mom had a lousy nurse when she had me. I have a funny story about the whole thing and I'll tell you about it someday. Have fun meeting Addison!


Oh you so should go on Sunday to see that little guy.

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time shopping.


Have a great time with your new baby Addison! If your sis wants, I'd be happy to come up there and put my foot...anyway, sounds like you girls had a good time shopping. A shame how some things change so, but I do wish I had more places to go with lots less people.


Congrats on the new... nephew? Here's hoping things have settled down for your sister. I'll bet auntie has all kinds of handknits ready to bestow on the new baby!

(sent here from Cass' blog contest)


I had a nurse like that when I had my middle ARE right, there is no excuse for a nurse who makes a new mom cry! Hugs to you and your sister!

Melissa V.O.

So many things happening for you! School, babies, children growing up! This blog and your life are buzzing with activity and energy (and stinging insects, I see from a more current post, eep!). Now, how much do you like that Tartelette yarn and could you use quite a bit more of it? I have a several (um, 6 or more?) hanks of the green Tartelette that I've had for years and can't make it *do* anything for me. I would love to see it go to a loving home rather than suffer one more move grumbling how I hate it because it's stumped me, shoving it in a moving box that I hope gets lost in the shuffle. This yarn deserves better than my scorn. It's yours if you want it.

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