Oh. Really.
You can't make this stuff up

A big, big island

So, really, it makes no difference whether the knitting is done from cuff-to-shoulder (one at a time) or cuff-to-cuff (all-in-one), once the "second sleeve" is reached, temporary residence on Sleeve Island is a fact -- where nearly everyone is susceptible to Second Sleeve Syndrome.

Mine's a really big, very long, quite narrow island.

Is there an official knitters' syndrome for second sleeves as there is for second socks?  I don't recall... it's not talked about that much.  *gasp*  Maybe that means it's even worse than the sock variety. I've been on this island, you see... plus I'm crazy... and not just a little bit nuts -- flat out crazy.  Let's say, if there wasn't a second sleeve syndrome, there is now... at least on my island!

It seems I've also, simultaneously, made personal discovery of the Black Hole.

Homework and other demands are not too weighty this weekend, so I'm hoping to quickly reach escape velocity and sustain it 'til I've made my escape from the island!  I Will Survive!

Of course, a Black Hole of a Different Color (?) awaits. Oh, I think it'll start off interestingly enough -- all those short-rows on the front (because of the neckline shaping) to try and get the front and back aligned, maybe some shenanigans 'round the underarm/sleeve area -- but then it's going to be nothing but stockinette.  Unless...

* * * * * *

Did you know that there's a Cat Bordhi channel on YouTube?  (Thanks, Knittin' Deb!)  Yeah, that'll keep me entertained 'til I make it off the island!

* * * * * *

THIS JUST IN:  Who decided to fool around with 3 Musketeers?  I know, I know, I shouldn't be sneaking and now... *GAK* French Vanilla *GUK* Mocha Cappucino *GOK* MINT... I'll just have to be more careful.


Joan Hamer

There definitely is a second sleeve syndrome. I have three sweaters in various stages of just that last sleeve!


I am on the same island, trying to decide if the sleeves are to narrow, while doggedly knitting along.


Would you like me to make and send you a paddle so you can get off the island faster. I guess two would be better but you see, I have second paddle syndrome!


I am sure that there is a second sleeve syndrome. Hope that you can get past it and get it knit up.

What?! There is a Cat Bordhi channel?!!! Thanks for the tip.


Could it be that it's Sleeve Island making you crazy? I'd go nuts on a deserted island with only sleeves to knit....
that would explain why you got different results on which book you were now, you weren't on Sleeve Island back then!
And people don't seem to talk about it as much, but Second Sleeve Syndrome definitely exists -- Google it! I used to get around it by knitting both at a time when I knit flat more; and I did do Magic Loop sleeves in the round, two on one Magic Loop, with my last sweater, but I'm not sure it was worth the trouble of untangling the two skeins or yarn constantly. Maybe it was worth it.
If I were only knitting at home, or knitting for longer periods of time when I did, it was probably worth the avoidance of SSlS.....


I'm on the baby blanket marsh. ouch ma hands!

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns

There most definitely is a Second Sleeve Syndrome Island, not to mention a Black Hole of Second Sleeve Despair (when you forget how you did the shaping and how many darn rows there were to the armhole). When I was very young, I can remember my mother working both sleeves of a sweater at once on the same pair of knitting needles because she said she couldn't face doing one and then another. I think she was ahead of her time. I've just managed to drag myself through SSS and next time I definitely will work both together. Although no way out of the cuff to cuff kind, is there, unless you start at both sides and meet up in the middle (heck,can you imagine the grafting? Sorry, sorry, kitchenering!)


I've started my first cuff-to-cuff sweater, and I can't comment on SSS because I'm still stuck on the First Sleeve Syndrome. Months (years)from now when I finally make it to the second sleeve, I will remember this post, I'm sure. :)

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