Strike One
No show, all tell


Decreases1 Decreases2

This might do it!  As you can see, I'm proceeding as if it will.

For the left front (on the right in the picture, and in the picture at right), I decreased severely -- every row -- in the same place as before, until there was nothing left but the "magoo" cable with a purl and a KTBL and a selvedge stitch on either side.  I worked it straight for just a bit and left the stitches on a holder because there could still be a little something happenin' there.

For the right front (on the left in the picture at left), I did a provisional cast on and mirrored the "magoo" cable, doing increases on every row at that KTBL in the middle instead of decreases (of course) and figuring out (in reverse) the little cable pattern so it would all jive when joined.  I seem to have muddled my way through okay.  The right front has been joined to the back, making the sleeves/yoke into one long piece, and I've begun working my way down to the right cuff.

Note to self:  Must remember to check when sleeve decreases should begin.  Make note of where "little cables" give way to garter stitch.

I am much happier with the curve at the front neckline!  There are going to be major pick-up stitches and short-rows happening on both fronts when that time comes -- I can't wait.  I only wish I'd chosen a sturdier yarn.

* * * * * *

If you have requested the necessary info to view or post to Cara's baby shower blog -- Who's Gonna Be "The Boss" Now? (yep, you'll need a super top-secret password) -- and haven't received anything as of this morning at 10 CST, please check your spam or junk mail folders for an email from Typepad or SixApart.  Drop me an email or a comment if you'd like to join in the fun or if you need it sent again.  Heh, we've even lured a lurker into the blogweb with this baby shower business!  (It's all downhill from there, Lee; no doubt, you'll soon have a blog and lurkers of your own!)

* * * * * *

In other news:  The weekend was swell.  I had a nice, busy time with my sister, her son, my mom and my dad (not at the same time).  Ali got her hair cut SHORT-SHORT-SHORT and it is CUTE-CUTE-CUTE!  I've always wanted her to do this, and I'm thrilled.  I'll try to catch her between jobs and boyfriend and when she's not sleeping for a photo!  Maddy and her friends went to the grocery store on Saturday night, took their haul to the park and had a food fight, then came and hosed themselves off at the end of our street.  Good, clean (if a bit sticky), legal fun.  It's all relative.  Oh, and the Packers won the season opener!!



A food fight - whata fun! With or without the Animal House togas??


Looks like you've found a way to make the collar work.

Melissa V.O.

Go Packers!

Teresa C

And the Patriots won theirs!! Woo Hoo!

Yes, password please. And let me know if there is anything else I can do.


I am impressed with the mods for the sleeves. I have trouble with the fiddly bits.

The blog is under construction. I can't believe I'm doing this. I'll let you know when it is up.


Password Please?
And Thanks so much for the update on the Packers! Go Pack Go!!


Keeping my fingers crossed that the colar will work for you this time.


Good to see your cabeling in the process. Your accounts have really helped me with mine. Oh, please send me the "password" as well.


I knew you could work it out! It looks great! :)


I hope it works, because the sweater looks great. I wish I could pull of a really short hair cut. Here's to vicarious living.


pictures please. I love short short short cute cute cute!


let me in!



can you kindly send me the password? thanks.


Vicki, what a clever idea - count me in! That is a fab color and you are convincing me it has been too long since I played with cables.


Baby shower?


I'd love to be a part of whatever you are cooking up for Cara:) Thanks!


I would love to be a part of Cara's shower (found you via Margene). That sweater your working on is gorgeous.


A bit late in the day, I'd love to be part of Cara's baby shower. Pretty please ?



Please send me a password as well. I would like to participate in the virtual baby shower.


Am I too late for the shower?

Bookish Wendy

I've been out of the loop but I would love to take part in Cara's shower.

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