Oh. Really.

No show, all tell

I knit a bunch on my Hand-to-Hand Aran last night at knit night -- and had enough time to tear out all I'd done before the coffee shop closed.  Somehow, between all the chatting and laughing, story-telling and picture-taking, I crossed a "magoo" in the wrong spot and threw everything off.  As usual, I just blew right past the subsequent warning signs that flashed in my brain and muddled/fuddled it good for the rest of the night.

Can't you see, I'm TALKING here?

It was that kind of night.  Ann was completely bewildered, trying to figure out her gauge and calculating mods for a new pattern, and then discovered that she'd been looking at the schematic for a completely different sweater the entire time!

I got all the stitches back on the needle before leaving for home, then worked a few rows to a) get it right, b) figure out where the hell I am in the pattern.  I did this cheat-sheet card with nothing but numbers and letters to represent rows and stitch patterns, but I'm going to have to add a symbol or two.  I like it because it looks like a secret code.

* * * * * *

I am losing it.  I'm going to have to work on... something.  Organization?  Checks-and-balances?  Getting enough sleep?  I had not one, but two late notices in the mail the other day for payments that I thought I'd made online.  I wrote the payment info on the stub... typed it into my Quicken register... apparently forgot to actually perform the online transaction.  I'd done that once a long time ago and had been so careful and methodical since then, but I guess I got lax, let my guard down.  Erg.

* * * * * *

I'm the resident Know-It-All in one of my classes -- and I HATE THAT!  I've piped up a couple of times (I know!) and the instructor has all but pointed her finger at me in a couple of situations -- and I HATE THAT, too!!  It's only been a couple of weeks, and I've wanted to crawl under the desk a few times already, but I also get a little like that shirt that my stepdad made for my sister once:  Help me!  I'm talking and I can't shut up!  I could probably have tested out of this class, though I don't know if there's even a procedure in place for that; I wanted to take it because I thought I could learn some things.  You know?  Tips and tricks, a little shortcut, help me improve and do a better job -- there's always something to learn!  I thought it would be my favorite class, but it's my least favorite class so far (of two, so what do I know -- and I totally LOVE the other one).  The instructor is a little less organized than I'd have imagined, is very repetitious, does a fair bit of digressing, and -- in a class where attention to detail is pretty much what it's all about -- seems to pick and choose what details to be picky about, dismissing some altogether!  I have a hard time reconciling the inconsistencies, especially since I've actually practiced some of what she's teaching.  You know when you were in high school algebra or geometry and you wondered when in the world you'd ever use that information and your teacher said, Don't worry, you will -- and here we are, knitting, and using it all the time (even if we don't actually think of it or call it "algebra" or "geometry" -- oh, heaven forbid).  Well, here is the instructor standing up in front of class saying, Oh, you won't need to know this; they don't use/do this anymore.  And there's just the teensy tiniest grain of truth to that -- mostly as relates to terminology of the work performed and of the performer -- but, to my mind, not enough to slam the book shut on the subject!



I would never even dare to knit a sweater like that at knit group! And the online payment thing - I did that with our mortgage payment last month. I wrote it in the register and then forgot to make the payment and we went on vacation. Whoops!


Sorry about your class ... and it's not like you have free time to spare to sit there and study under someone whose not quite winning you over!


Sorry to hear your knitting- and class-related frustrations. I know what you mean about being "she who speaks" in class -- that was always me, too, but eventually I just made peace with myself , for I'd rather just answer the question and be the know-it-all than listen to dead silence!


I had to rip all of the knitting out that I knit a group knitting last week. And I wasn't even doing anything fancy.

I have found that other students are usually grateful for the "resident know-it-all" it means they will not get called upon, and it keeps the flow of the class going, no stops and starts with awkward siliences while people pretend they aren't there...


Stockenette for me if I am going to knitting group. LOL

If you are that disapointed with the class can you take it up with an admistrator and see if there is another teacher for the same class? Hopefully it will be an easy grade for you.


Sounds like stuff I'd do! I can barely k & p at knit nights! Just a bumpy spell, it will pass. Nothing like a teacher that pretty much says pay no attention to the teacher in the classroom!

Kathy W.

I did that a lot when I was in the Navy because it was frustrating to me that I knew the material better than the instructor. Yet I had to take the classes to get the necessary qualifications.


Now that I'm older and hopefully wiser, I do try to shut up more. But it's hard.

So hard.

Ann K.

Bwahahahhahaha... it turned into a snafu x2!
I arrived home after Knit Night and ACTUALLY attempted to knit some more and of course got all befuddled again (can I get some sleep here?) when I tried to calculate the sweater's dimensions again. (why? I don't know) This time I was multiplying the wrong stitch count per inch.
When am I gonna learn to "step away from the needles"... oh wait, I'm too stubborn for that!

Sorry to hear about the inept instruction in your class. Enjoy your weekend and have a fabulous time w/your family next week!


Hello, can you please e-mail me a password to Cara's shower blog? What a wonderful idea.
Thanks, Sue


Vicki. Hang in there baby. And please add me to the virtual baby shower. :)


Plain socks for me at knitting group, I talk way to much for anything else.
I once had to change classes as I wanted to disagree with everything the tutor said, she had no practical experience of the subject she was teaching, drove me nuts!

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