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Oh, Luciano

Rock star.  Rest in peace.  My mother got into Halloween big-time one year -- costume, lighting, and music were all carefully chosen to create a spooky mood at her front door.  It was a Luciano Pavarotti disc played at 16 rpm on a record player that lent the pefect tone.  I think he might have liked that.

ArmSorry for the crappy picture -- we're entering the long season of horrible light.

This is me, last night, wearing one arm of my Hand-to-Hand Aran Cardigan -- actually finished across the back and half the front.  It took mere seconds to realize that I'm going to have to make another departure from "blind follower" and "unvent" that front neckline to make a comfortable, wearable cardigan that I'm not constantly pulling away from my neck.  I'm sure this would make a fine boatneck pullover, but a boatneck cardi isn't going to work for me.  It would drive me nuts to leave it like that, especially since I intend (I think) a bit of knitting for a collar/edge/trim/buttonband.  It needs a scoop or a bit of a V.  I slept on it last night and dreamt up modification ideas to ponder today.  This will need to be resolved soon because the very next step is casting on and mirroring the other cardigan front.

Otherwise, I'm happy!  Very, very happy!



I think I made a Hand to Hand a long time ago. The pullover version. I remember the boatneck, and that may be why I don't have it anymore. I have not idea where it lives now, though. I sort of remember that maybe the sleeves were a little narrow, too -- is that true?


I'm so impressed.


I totally agree with you about the boat neck. It would drive me nuts and is highly unflattering on me. Good luck with modifying.


Bad light or not - that sweater is looking mighty fine. And the neck would drive me bats too.


It is going to look so lovely, especially when you reinvent the neck line.


It looks great, looking forward to seeing your mods.

Kathy W.

I inherited my late father-in-law's opera collection, including movies, vinyl, and cds. He has a lot of Pavarotti, including the complete La Boheme. His children knew I shared a love of opera with him so I was very blessed with such a huge gift.

I've never done a hand to hand before. I'll put it on my queue though.


Wow, that looks wonderful. But I'm even more amazed at how clean and tidy looking your shower is!


I am always so impressed with people who boss their knitting around. Good luck with the unventing!

Teresa C

I've been watching the YouTube recording of Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma at the Torino Olympics and getting weepy. But Wow! The tenor section in heaven just got a lot better. If he'll share the spotlight.


You slept on your knitting? ;) A very sad day indeed for the music world, a beautiful voice silenced.

kathy b

Funny Halloween story. How old was your mom? Am I too old to dress up and spook folks this Halloween? I think 47 might be too old....

Your knitting is amazing.

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns

Can you remind me of the pattern (or book( from whence came that hand to hand? I'm hunting for these designs right now and I was looking under 'Batwing' since that was what they were always called in this corner of the world, but then I found 'cuff to cuff' and 'sideways knits'. Any recommendations on sources would be welcomed (especially the one on which you're working).

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