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Hand-to-Hand Aran Cardigan front neckline unvention, first effort.  Unsuccessful, but not unworthwhile.  I made my decreases from a certain point in the middle of the yoke by doing an SSK at the KTBL stitch between the "magoo" cable and the little cable on every RS row.  It's not enough.  I could start the decreases earlier, do them more severely, do them very severely and then taper off, do them in combination with some other yet-to-be-determined thing...

Weekend doings (besides further trials in unventing as time and yarn allows):  My sister Karen and her son Daniel are coming tonight -- her husband and youngest son are dropping them off on their way to a hopeful weekend date with some salmon at the end of a hook on Lake Michigan.  My dad will also be a guest -- tomorrow night -- unless plans change last-minute (they often do).  This weekend with houseguests is one of the reasons for last holiday weekend's cleaning jag.  It's still not perfect, but oh well; it never will be.

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Y'all know by now that Cara's having a baby, right?  Ann & I are hosting a baby shower and you're all invited!  Well, you soon will be.  I'm the virtual host -- there's a password-protected (-from-Cara) blog we can all post to -- and later, when it's time to open presents, Ann's going to serve cake!  I'm getting the blog thing pretty and all the details figured out, and invitations will soon be ready.  In the meantime, if you would like to participate -- and can agree to protect said password (lest Guido need be dispatched to break your knee caps knitting needles) -- you can send me your name and email address to be put on the list -- email* or comment and indicate whether you'd like the ability to post as well as read the baby shower blog.

*vknitorious (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject:  Baby Shower Blog



Really beautiful project!


we're going to have such fun --- shall we serve virtual champagne punch? and jordan almonds?


Jordan Almonds & champagne punch...sounds wonderful;-)


A virtual baby shower!!! you guys rock!


DUDES! You're so good to me! And the best part? I don't have to clean my house! THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME AND MY BABE!


Sorry things didn't turn out as you planned but it looks fab! :)


Well let's hope that things work this time.

What a great idea. A virtual baby shower. I am so there.


Re: the virtual baby shower -- what a super idea; I love it! You'll be hearing from me....

And re: the sweater trials and tribulations -- as someone once told me, if it were easy, anyone could do it. I'm sure EZ herself did some ripping out. The path of creativity wanders by the frog pond, that's for sure.
Good luck -- perseverance will pay off!!


I'm sure you'll get the sweater neckline figured out. Press on!

Beth S.

I am head over heels for this new sweater of yours, wonky necklines be damned! The yarn and the cables are just perfect for each other. Sigh...


I think the best part about trying to unvent something is just figuring out a new technique or process, even if it's unsuccessful the first go or two. I am sure you will fix that neck line yet.


Put me on the list, please.


I'm down for a virtual baby shower for Cara, put me on the list.


One question: do we have to play any of those silly-but-fun-in-a-weird-way games that people always have at showers?


I'd love to come! It will be my first ;) I'm so very far from everyone, no one will ever hear it from me!


put me on the list, a virtual baby shower sounds like fun...


Put me on the list too! I'm a BAD blogger but I still love participating when you GOOD bloggers share!!


Add my sister & I to the list! We love a good party!


Ooooh...I love a baby shower! Put my name down, too!


Is it weird to want to knit for someone you've never met but who's blog you downright love? If it is, then give it to me straight, I can handle it...but if it's not *that* weird, then please sign me up.

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