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I have held back the blogging because I thought perhaps I'd be prone to sensationalizing.  I do exaggerate on occasion, especially when I'm excited -- and also when I'm nervous.  An entire weekend has gone by and, well, it is just a sensational thing -- and bizarre.  I was prompted at one point on Friday afternoon -- in the midst of the dramatic climax to a sad and strange week -- to look at the calendar and wonder aloud if there was a full moon.  (Not 'til the 26th.)

On Friday afternoon I received a call at work from Ali.  "Mom?"

There was a pause and then... was she breathing, panting, laughing, crying... laughing or crying?  "Ali?  ALI?"  More noise and muffles and snuffles.  "ALISON!!  WHAT'S THE MATTER?"

She'd just come home from her retail job at the mall to get ready for her barista gig and saw a lot of squad cars and policemen around the corner, just a few blocks from our house, where a car had hit a tree -- and also on our street and everywhere in between.  A neighbor must have seen Ali drive by and called to tell her what was going on -- that they were searching for an escaped prisoner (convicted of attempted murder, known gang member) from Minnesota who they believe had been driving the car that hit the tree.  For various reasons (and understandably) Ali started to freak a little.  She opened the back door to speak with an officer, but before she could even get a word out, another officer, wielding a very big gun, startled her from the path down by our playhouse and yelled at her to GET BACK IN THE HOUSE AND LOCK THE DOORS!   

Holy freakin' shit.  Well, that put her over the edge and, hysterical, she called me -- and I couldn't tell whether she was laughing or crying.  I think she couldn't make up her mind and was, actually, doing both.  I finally got the story out of her and called 9-1-1 myself to talk with the dispatcher, share our concerns, and urge them to get someone INTO the house.  Meanwhile, I checked all my sources and learned that all the schools were in lock-down -- there's a grade school two blocks from the crash scene and the middle school a couple of blocks in another direction (as the crow flies) (or suspect flees).

A couple of officers came in and did a cursory check of the house and, thank goodness, Ali had to go to work -- she got the heck out of there as quick as she could, locking the doors behind her.  I called Maddy when school let out and she was on her way home -- they'd let the kids go if they were driving or if the bus let them off right at their door, but not if they were alone or were walking.  She said that they were told to "travel in packs."  By the time I came home from work, news trucks had swarmed the neighborhood.

Talk about your Freaky Friday!!

Long story short -- they determined at about 6:00 that it wasn't the escaped convict from MN that they were chasing, but a different guy -- a more local guy -- who'd also been convicted of attempted murder and sexual assault, but who hadn't escaped from prison and was only wanted on parole violation and other not very exciting stuff (I guess, that's how the media played it!).  They caught him a few hours later, only about about a mile and a half from the car crash scene.  The prison escapee turned himself in on Saturday morning.

* * * * * *

On Saturday, it was city-wide rummage sale day.  I scored some stuff right down the street and also, later, with Ali -- there's even a little bit of knitting stuff, which I will have to show you later.  I also took Maddy to the mall for shoes and, I gotta tell ya, going to the mall with a kid who doesn't like to shop is the way to go!  I watched the Packers pull out a win yesterday and may have won my first Fantasy game of the season, too!  There was also knitting.  I haven't quite escaped the Black Hole known as Sleeve Island, but I've reached the decreases, at least, so it is shrinking -- two stitches, every fourth row.

; )


Kathy W

Oh, my goodness! What an ordeal. Hope everyone is calmer now.

I haven't been to a yard sale in ages because I tend to buy things and our house is bursting at the seams as it is.

Looks like warmer weather is heading our way.


Yikes! How scary. I don't think you were overreacting/sensationalizing at all. You really can't make that up. I'm glad it all ended well for your family.


whoa - yes, I'd say that swat-like-teams of cops, screaming at your daughter to get inside the house would pretty much qualify for a true omgod experience.
glad that everything turned out alright


OMG. I'm so glad Ali and everyone is okay. That is the kind of thing that could give a mother gray hair.


CRAZY! Poor Ali! I hate when cops are like that - they couldn't speak to her calmly and nicely and peacefully? It had to be all bullying so they could scare her more? Assholes.


Poor Ali, what a scare.
I hope you get off of sleeve island soon, I hate it there and try to not knit the sleeves last. Look forward to seeing your sale goodies.


I'm glad Ali and everyone was okay. :)
That must have been really scary!


I would've freaked out right along with ya! I also would've jumped in my car, drove home, and demanded to check the house myself because I am not totally a grownup yet. I never would've thought to call the cops - remember, not a grownup.
Glad all turned out well - now if we can just keep the creeps off the streets for good...

(no longer discussing anything involving an oblong like object that is thrown through the air & caught by big guys who are supposed to run with it - I'm sure you know why)


In the circumstances I think that both you and Ali were both incredibly calm. I wouldn't have stayed in that house long enough to call either your or the cops. Scary stuff (and that's from a New Yorker!)


Must.catch.my.breath.now. How scary for everyone. I'm glad you and Ali and everyone is OK. How traumatic. Lots of good wishes and positive thoughts coming your way. Hugs.


Oh man - I'm sorry Ali - and all of you - had such a scare. Glad to hear all is well now. We'll try to keep our escaped sex offenders over here.


Holy crap. Poor Ali! I'm so glad it all turned out the way it did - no wonder you needed a few days to process!


Oh wow! That is a crazy and scary incident!


Oh,Lord! That is so scary, I have goosebumps reading about it! I'm glad everything turned out okay. There is nothing worse than being a Mom on the other end of the phone. That is the hardest thing so far for me. Not being there when I want to be. I need that Bewitched twitchy nose thing. So do you!


How scary for Ali! To have something so scary happen at home, where we all want to feel safe. My 23 year old was held up at gun point this summer in Philadelphia. At. gun. point. She is fine and only lost $65. A bargain as far as I am concerned. But she still has scared times, poor baby, and it happened in a different city.

kathy boyer

I dont think Sherriff Andy Taylor would have done a quick check of your house. Aunt Bea herself would have sat with Ali. wow. Nerve racking for certain.

Glad all is well. What a story.


Wow how scarry!!!! I am glad that things turned out "ok".

Sounds like you had a good time on Saturday at the rummage sales. Can't wait to see what knitting stuff you got.


Oh MY! I'm glad everything turned out okay but what a horrendous scare for both of you. Whew.

I'm looking forward to seeing the knitting finds from rummaging. Good luck on Sleeve Island!


I'm glad that everyone is okay. You sure the moon was not full? Because I had a similiar experience on Friday, only not as dramatic. I was walking home and my pathway to my house includes crossing a SA, crossing the train tracks and then through the parking lot that butts up against our back yard. I came to the corner across the street from the SA and stopped cold because there was two police cars with their lights flashing. The officers were out of their cars and they had a man at gun point kneeling on the ground with his hands behind his head. They patted him down and then put him into the squad car. As they did two more cop cars came in, now there were four cops with their guns drawn as they were going to check the car and open the trunk.
And I just stood there on the corner across the street, thinking what do I do now. They were directly in my path and I wasn't too keen on walking through there, especially when their guns were drawn. As soon as they put their guns away, I crossed the street and gave them the widest berth I could but there wasn't much else I could do and I thought of the Dr.Suess story, "and to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street"
I don't think I'll ever know what the problem was, I was just glad that no guns were fired, I probably would have lost it completely.


Geez, Louise. I'm glad it all worked out with you all safe, because about 20 years ago, in the little town next to us, a similar incident played out terribly, terribly differently.

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