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I'm the beneficiary of a last-minute, late-notice fluke, the result of which is that I'm heading to Football Mecca (a.k.a. Lambeau Field) tonight!  I will watch the Green Bay Packers play the Chicago Bears, and see Brett Favre throw his 423rd (and I wonder how many more -- every one is a record* now) touchdown pass against da said Bears.  With me will be my mom, stepdad, a sister, a daughter, and a friend of the daughter.


It's better.  The FABULOUS UW Marching Band will provide the half-time entertainment.

Plus, it's October 7th and I wonder if I'll even need a sweatshirt... better bring one, just in case.

Go Pack Go!  Favrecandüit!

*Yes, I do know that Brett's also on the verge of taking the interception record.  He'll be the first to hold the record for TDs and the record for INTs simultaneously -- that's gotta be some other kind of record, they just need to make up a clever name!  It could be the THAT'S (HAIR-PULLING, NAIL-BITING, HAIR-GRAYING) ENTERTAINMENT record!  I wouldn't trade the last 17 football years in Green Bay for anything!



have a blast! - what a game that will be.


That's fantabulous! What a day to get tickets -- and against Da Bears, too. Have a marvelous time in your shirtsleeves! (No handwarmers needed today!) Woo-hoo!


How Cool!!! I'll be watching on TV and will look for you. ;) Have a great time!


How exciting! Please blog about over at the Fantasy Football blog.


What in the WORLD are you talking about?????


I'm kidding. But not. LOL

Kathy W

I heard a rumor on the Weather Channel that cooler weather is coming. Not saying I believe it but there it is.

I'm beginning to get the idea you like football.

Just sayin'.


How very outstanding. I'll watch for you on the tube!

Melissa V.O.

We're watching the game now, I'll look out for you ;-)


hope you remembered your pom-poms!


Lucky you! I hope you're enjoying the game.


Ugh, what a sad game. It was so frustrating! Hope you enjoyed yourself anyway!!! I've been to only 2 Packer games in my life. Both games were in the Super Bowl years, they won both.


I was thinking about you as I was watching the game last night.. and hadn't even read this yet :)


I saw the last 3 minutes.
I hope you had a good time anyway.
Nuff Said.


Sounds like a great time. I am sure it was a blast.


I'm guessing the Badger Band was the highlight of that game? I had to comment here because I am a Band Alumni (1991-1995 -- trumpet). It's one of the things I miss the most about "Madtown." (The rest of it I've outgrown with time. . .ha ha ha)

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