I'm over the (opal) (blue) moon
Help me, I've fallen...

Bottom line

An 82-yard TD pass by Vinny Testaverde's dad (a.k.a. QB Brett Favre) on the first play in OT for a mile-high win feels so good.  You want to know how good?  I discovered that I forgot to do an increase on Der Blaue Mond Argosy scarf and will have to rip back about four repeats and, still, I smiled.  Smiling all the time.  We're 6-1.  ; )

I think I'll be sewing & un-knitting out tonight -- sewing down ends on the ribbon shawl I finished a while ago (so I can give it to Mom) and legs on the first of the two Oddfellows on my list.  I brought the new shawl and mittens to show (and I see that I also need to add them to the photo album), and I'll be ripping back the scarf.

Okay.  So.  As much as I'd like a new car, it ain't happenin' right now.  I don't want to buy a car because I have to buy a car, I want to buy a car because I want to buy a car.  I want to take my time and consider things and take test drives.  I had to think about it a little bit this summer when I needed new tires, and I bought those new tires with the idea that I'd have this car for at least another two years, and so it will be.  I'll patch up the Saturn and it'll be just fine.  Not perfect.  Not what I want.  But just fine.

Caution your teenagers against using the roof of your car as a perch to stargaze, or have a heart-to-heart with their best friend, or sit and drink a latte -- whatever was going on up there -- because (FYI) replacing the roof of a car is not a small thing when it comes to calcluating value.  I'm working things out with the insurance company.

It'll be just fine.



There is a very strict rule in our house regarding what different parts of the car are for. Seats are the only thing designated for backsides.

What is this strange game you speak of with things called touchdowns? I don't believe it is something we play in MN.

Special Needs Mama

I love Brett Favre. He's my absolute favorite.

Kathy W

They need to have an EHarmony for cars and owners. Find that perfect match. Yeah...right.

I'm with you though. If it's economically feasible, fix up the Saturn. It's what we would probably do.

Reminds me of the time my older son locked his keys in his car and instead of calling a locksmith or even (gasp) breaking in through a side window, he broke out the sun roof. He couldn't believe how much it cost to replace the sun roof.

You don't seem to be having a lot of luck here lately. Take the rest of the year off.


we always went on top of the car at the drive in...but i guess we were a bit smaller. sigh.

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