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In the company of squares

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I'm a Saturday-only square.

I wanted to write all about why this is so special -- not the festival, really, it's all about the people -- but I've run out of time.  So quick...

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be going to Rhinebeck for the third time -- wouldn't have gone the first and second times, either -- if it wasn't for Cara, Ann, and Katy -- and a bunch more, really, but I've got a flight to catch!  Time has NOT been on my side lately.

I'll either see you at Rhinebeck, or back here on Tuesday!



Have Fun! We'll miss you back here


You will see ME. I will see YOU. Yippee!


Have a safe flight! See you on Saturday! Wee!


Hope you have a great time!

Kathy W

I'm living vicariously through you so you'd better have a good time so I can. :-)


And I will see you tomorrow! With trout in Margene's honor. ;)


Have a great time! See ya on the flip side.


Have fun - represent us all well!


Have a wonderful time! I look forward to the report when you get back!


Have a great time.


Have a great time bonding, Vicki. I'll be here marking off minutes until the schedule for Madrona gets posted next week.


I hope you have a GREAT TIME!!!


I hope you had a wonderful time... drop me a line about THAT baby shower when you recover.


I had a great time meeting you on Saturday night. Even though I am afflicted with acute shyness and didn't say much, it was great being around so many knitters!

Also, I loved your socks!


hey! saw you last year (i was with Jody), but we missed you this year. there were a few points that i thought i spotted you... but then i quickly got distracted by fiber. hope you had a blast and two good flights!

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