You win some, you lose some
Drumroll, please...

Love me some nice shorts

Short-rows, that is.

Remember THIS?  It's still in my mental queue.  That's different from my Ravelry queue, which is huge, but still ain't got nothin' on my mental queue.

Have you seen THESE?  Rainbow Socks, by Susanne Kitzmann, at MagKnits.  I went over there to look at something else altogether (can you guess?), but was immediately drawn in by those fabulous stripes... and the adorable ghosts.  Aren't they cute?  I've never felted anything (on purpose)... those little guys could change my mind.

There was a comment yesterday from Christy on the Smiterittens post:

Mitten looks beautiful. But did you find that the thumb went in at a strange angle because of the mitre? I knit one mitt in Kureyon and ripped it out because of the feel of the thumb.

(I can't figure out how to reply directly to someone who uses their "Typekey" to leave a comment -- I don't have time to look, and maybe I just can't -- but lucky for us the answer fits in nicely given the subject of this post.  The only thing I'm lacking are some good pictures.  I will try to add them later.)

The thumb definitely went in at a "different" angle, but it isn't unpleasing; in fact, I really like how it fits and feels.  I did find, though, that it pulled quite a bit on the palm-side center "seam" because there is no gusset.  The body of the mitten really gets yanked out of shape unless the hand is constantly held in a position to indicate "We're Number One" or "PEACE" or "On My Honor" or "That #4 is a great QB."

I had kind of a brainstorming revelation while knitting the thumb -- after trying it on -- and my quick-fix solution was to knit a couple of short-rows on the inside-side of the thumb to add some ease.  And ya know?  It worked pretty well!  It's not absolute perfection and there's certainly room for improvement/more ease, but I'm okay with it!  Next time, I might try to do them sooner -- like right away when the thumb stitches are being picked up -- a whole extra row or two on the "bottom" and "inside-side" of the thumb before picking up the rest of the stitches.  I will also use a waste yarn place-holder for the thumb instead of snipping and pulling and later weaving-in -- it would be easier on my heart and nerves, too.  Yeah, one little stitch causes palpitations.  When the time comes that I cut my first steek, I'll need strong fortification!

Knitting out tonight!  I picked up Mom's Ribbon Triangle Shoulder Wrap for another go, so that's what I'll be working on.



I have seen those socks. They look so cool. I think I will have to dye up some yarn and knit that pattern.


I hope you are having a great time 'knitting out'! I thought of you looking at the cabled afghan, though the socks (and the ghostie) would sure take a lot less time.


I like what short rows DO, I just don't like doing them. I still have at least a couple methods to try, so maybe I'll eventually find one I don't dislike.


those socks are very cool, but I wonder if they would feel like they are twisting around your leg as you wear them?


Love those socks. And that afghan. I love your mental queue. So what if it is a little mental. :)


Those socks are nice! Got em my unrealistic queue too.


Those socks are great, I was thinking my Ravelry queue was huge and the mental queue is of course huger but some people have almost 300 things in their queue, what is their mental queue like?


That #4 is a great QB?
isn't that "pushing it" a bit now?

(required statement under the bylaws of being a Viking Fan since birth)


OK, what do I do? I forgot my logon info for the shower! Doh!

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