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The truth about my obsession


The hubby is home and all is well and I thank you for all your kind words and well wishes.  He was off doing things that needed to be done, and he may go off again and do it some more -- not sure yet.  He wasn't in harm's way.  He could come and go at will.  We are very fortunate that he wasn't called to leave his family to go fight a war or something (he already did that in '69 and, thankfully, there wasn't a wife or kids involved at the time); Godspeed to those who were.

Triangle1 Triangle3



Triangle5There's an FO!  I finished the Knit One Crochet Too Ribbon Triangle Shawl for Mom, using the Tartelette she bought when we were in Door County.  I already knit this once, but must have missed a M1 or a K2tog (they're crucial) because when I unravelled the fringe, it unravelled way more at one point than it was supposed to.  I ended up frogging the whole thing and letting it stew in time out for a couple of months.  This time, it worked like a charm -- magical and very clever.  I knit the larger size and used 4 balls of yarn.  I bought 2 more in a different colorway, to make a smaller version for myself.  In the meantime, Melissa sent me 5 more hanks of the same color that she couldn't get to work, so maybe something... bigger, and not a shawl.



That shawl thingy is pretty cool.


The shawl looks awesome. It's very woodland-y in color. I'm glad it thought long and hard about its bad behavior while in time out, and shaped up. A two skein version seems like it would be a circular scarf, though; so I'm glad you have extra yarn to play around with!
And so glad the gentleman is home safely.


The shawl looks wonderful--very earthy or woodsy. I'll be interested to see what you make of the seven hanks, the yarn has such an interesting texture.


Great shawl, Vicki. What did I miss about your husband? Is he okay?


So glad that he is home safe and sound,

The shawl looks great.


You must be relieved to have DH home. Sounds like he knows how to stay busy and take care of himself, too.
The shawl is very interesting. I love the texture and shape. It's very chic;-)


What a pretty little shawl! Natural and beautiful.


I feel like I missed something. Where was the husband?

That shawl is so cool!


Oh, never mind. I found it in your earlier post. I get it. :)


Happy homecoming. I hope he doesn't need to go back too soon.

I like having some time all to myself occasionally, but I've found three days to be about my limit.


That's really nice :) Your mom has good taste and it matches perfectly with your knitting talent!

Melissa V.O.

I do like the pattern you used, much nicer than the mess I made with it. You must be relieved to have your husband back safely.


ooh, pretty.

kathy boyer


I made this shawl a few years in the same color and yarn. I saw the LYSshop owner wearing one and I had to make one. Clever pattern I agree. IT will be fun to see your next project.


Glad to read that your husband has returned safe and sound!

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