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I'm over the (opal) (blue) moon


Opal Sock Yarn, Hundertwasser... LOVE.  Der Blaue Mond (Blue Moon), Regentag auf Liebe Wellen (Rainy Day on Dear Waves), Wartende Hauser (Waiting Houses).

Hunder2 Hunderargosy2

Hunderargosy1 Hunderargosy3

Argosy in Der Blaue Mond (with thanks, again, to Ravelry and to Joan/giolou who did it first).  I wasn't so sure about this and almost gave up after a couple of repeats, but it would have been too soon.  The longer this thing gets, the more in love I am.  Talk about being entertained and mesmerized by color changes -- YOWZA, THIS IS A TRIP!!

See the Green Bay Packer section?  You know where I'll be tonight... I am ready for some football.



Love that Opal! Don't tell Cara but I love Opal sock yarn best;-)


That is so cool! Those Opal colors are absolutely gorgeous.


I have this wild plan to spin some yarn with long color repeats to knit Argosy. I guess to do that I'd actually have to sit down and get some spinning done!

BTW - since Dallas is on a bye, I'm playing Jay Cutler tonight. ;)


Love the Opal. It is always so interesting. I can say that there is never a dull moment knitting with it.


That Opal looks really cool in the Argosy scarf - can't wait to see how it looks when it's finished!

For once, I'll be cheering on the Pack with you. I have Donald Lee on my fantasy football team and all I need is 6 points to win my game this week. One measly TD. Come on Brett, you know you love to hit the TE in the end zone!!


So cool!!


That is the coolest, funkiest thing *ever*.


Wow the Argosy looks amazing in the Opal! That is the perfect yarn for that project! :)


That is beautiful. I love the way the colors play out in the pattern.


Damn girlfriend - that is way cool!!!


that's beautiful! Maybe this is what I can do with my sock yarn!

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