The truth about my obsession


I'm not knitting out tonight, nor am I attending a scheduled meeting of my LYS's Master Knitter Group, because the boys are in town!  Cuteness trumps all.  I gave the Sweet Baby Cap a good, softening Eucalan soak last night and I'm looking forward to seeing it on the intended's Sweet Baby Head!  Also looking forward to a good, modelled picture. I did enjoy a brief visit last night, but tonight will be better -- it'll also include pie: Mom's Spaghetti for supper and DH's Apple for dessert.

I'm having Abbey's Chili All Day for lunch today.  It's probably tied with Vicki's Roasted Tomato Sauce for the best and most-used recipe I've found anywhere on the internet.  I make that chili a few times every winter (oooh, that's harsh) soup season and it's always a hit!  I started a pot at kick-off time on Sunday (right after DH finished with the banana bread) and let it simmer all day.  By dinnertime it was perfection in a big ol' pot.  Yum.  It ages well, too.

Speaking of football, it's awfully darn nice that the Packers took my schedule into consideration when setting theirs this season, isn't it?  Their BYE and Rhinebeck are the same weekend, so I won't miss a thing! On the fantasy side, my Knitorious Knaves took on Beth's Touchdown Hounds in Week 6 and, well, let's just say that Beth remains the only undefeated team in the Crafters' Fantasy League!  Congratulations to her!!

Look for sweet pics tomorrow!



The weather (we're expecting a stormy week/weekend) brings to mind apple crisp. My favorite crock pot chili might be just the thing, too. Thanks for the idea. Enjoy the babes!


tell DH I was just reading this article about using vodka in a piecrust .....


We had soup for dinner, I guess it's that time of year again.


Oh yeah - I'm the Patriots of our league! LOL ;)

Chili sounds sooo good. It rained off and on all day today (finally!) and that would have been the perfect dinner.

lynne s of oz

Mmmm, chilli!
Have fun at Rhinebeck! I was hoping to go this year but impending husbandly redundancy and the sheer cost of going ($200 for a hotel room? Y'kiddin' me!) has sort of ruled it out.


Enjoy those little ones!!


Have fun with the babies! Mmmm soups, chili...pie ~shlurp~

Kathy W

Have a good time with all that cuteness.

Chili sure sounds good. I might have to make some for supper tonight.


Enjoy having the boys to spoil for a bit. Those two recipes are staples of our cold weather food now too, yum!


Our tomato crop wasn't very good this year and I was only able to make two batches of the tomato sauce--none of it made it to the freezer! I'll be missing it this winter...
Have fun tonight!

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