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I managed to finish the reading for tonight's class while I watched the little guy yesterday.  I still have some writing to do.  I was much more interested in smooching those cheeks, truth be told, and I smooched 'em plenty.  Oh, yes, they're as sweet as they look!  Addison is an absolute joy at the moment.

And Mack.  Yesterday, he stood in the doorway of my room and said, "I love you, Vicki."  That's how I woke up.  Yeah, how could I have a bad day after that?!  Plus, I discovered a new favorite snack (thanks, Mack, for sharing) -- Nilla wafers spread with a little Philly cream cheese!

There have been two three failed attempts at the striped scarf to match the mitered mittens.  It occurs to me that maybe my subconscious is sending a message; maybe I don't really want to knit a scarf.  I'm still ruminating over the Hand-to-Hand.  Knitting progress has been pretty much nil.



What a wonderful start to your day yesterday.


One of my most bittersweet days was when Max started calling me AUNT Cara instead of just Cara. Forever he called me Cara and I felt so close to him because of it - he called all the other aunts and uncles aunt and uncle, you know?

Addison is adorable, natch and Mack is the cutest thing ever. They just melt your heart don't they? I LOVE being an aunt!


What a great photo! I was reading the booklet for the Fall Fair we are going to on Saturday and there was category for Babies: The Biggest Cheeks!
My sister, who's name is Vicki, always got Auny Wicky. Those "V"s are hard!


Aw, you can never smooch kid cheeks enough! What sweeties!


Oh so smooshie. Gotta love those little cheeks. Maybe those cheeks will give you some knitting inspiration.

Kathy W

How sweet! It's so much fun being an auntie. And I love the "sleeping bag" in the entry below. Looks like he came up with a new marketing tool for booties.


Oh, you are a busy one! But you're reminding me to go snuggle my smooshie boy. Thanks.


ooh! I used to love Nilla Wafers and butter when I was a kid. Cream Cheese sounds just as delicious and quite a bit more healthy. I can't wait to try it!


Oh, he is a darling, what a cute little face. I do love being an auntie, I just wish I didn't live so far away.


Oh my, such a treat those smoochies, I miss them!


Children have a wonderful and direct connection to our hearts. It is so great that you'll be able to re-read this post, say, ten or twenty years from now and feel the love you feel today.


what a way to start the day!! those boys are precious!


Smoochable indeed! maybe you should nix the scarf, Vicki. Concentrate on the mittens. That's it, make more mittens!


Mmm, baby cheeks. A very tasty and addicting snack, haha.

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