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You win some, you lose some

I really do like winning more, but it was not to be.  Still, on a hot August October night, there's nothin' like football in Titletown.  Yeah, dang, it was HOT!  I brought a jersey to wear and a sweatshirt, in case it cooled off, and was given a G-Force T-shirt at the door (along with a pompom) -- and I folded 'em all up and made a nice, cushy seat for myself on the bleachers!  On the way home, at 11:15 p.m., it was still 80F.  Weird.

Let's look on the bright side:

  • The Packers are 4-1.  That's still pretty darn good.
  • "The Bears Still Suck," and always will, and I mean that in the most loving and endearing and good-natured rivalry way.  Katie and her friend both wore big stickers proclaiming such, which they earned by kicking a teddy bear in the parking lot during pre-game festivities.  Heh.
  • It being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there were pink towels on the sidelines, and survivor Deanna Favre was co-captain of last night's game.  Speaking of which, have you done your daily click?
  • The UW Marching Band did not disappoint; in fact, they're awesome, and just a bit cheeky.  The tuba section marched 'round the end zone at one point, the covers on their horns spelling out:  NICE CLIPBOARD REX.  Small horn sections popped up randomly in the aisles to play a few bars of "On Wisconsin" during the second half.

Pretty much, whatever anyone 'round here feels about the game has been eclipsed by sadness over yesterday's senseless and unbelievable tragedy in Crandon.  I caught wind of it just before I left for the game, but I think most people first learned of it afterwards -- or this morning.  And it's even worse than I first read.  Crandon is about 125 miles north of here -- far but not unfamiliar, as lots of people in these parts spend their vacations or have cottages in those parts.  Too many young lives lost -- such young lives.



I agree - Bears Suck!!

And yes - way too sad of a story. Don't know how much more of these we can all take. Hold your girls tight!


Heard about Crandon late late last night and told Richard about it this morning. We have a good friend in Argonne where I guess the "chase" ended?
Bummer about the game. But win or lose (and winning is better!), its always fun to go to Lambeau.


I can't share your pain, you know I bleed blue and orange, but it was such a fun game to watch. Kudos to the tubas though :-)


It's hot over here, too! Where is that Fall weather??

My hubby was watching that game on tv.


You are absolutely correct--the tragedy of the weekend eclipsed all other events. Why oh why would that young boy kill all those people? Didn't he realize he had his whole life ahead of him? What a scene of horror. Suicide by cop after killing seven innocent people.


What a sad story. That is just terrible. I just couldn't imagine and hope that I never have to.

kathy boyer

The Bears do stink. I am a Chicago woman. I love Lovey however. Do you know he never swears?

THe cubs final loss was a relief. I am a Red Sox fan this year, you know.

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