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Let them eat cake!

Can't get the red out


Do other people's children treat their hair on Saturday afternoon for a party, then dye it back to normal on Sunday?  "Twiggy" was a redhead the first time around, but went for blonde the second -- it's really hard to get all that red out!

My birthday celebratin' started a little early this year.  The weekend was full of laughs and smiles, as you can see.  And I was mostly full of carrot cake.  Luscious, wonderful, homemade carrot cake.  There were even early gifts, but I must save something for my month of daily posts, mustn't I?



Mmmmm. Carrot cake.


Beautiful kids! All of them!!


Adorable pictures.

Yummmm Carrot cake. :)


I'd hoped to hear you celebrated this weekend!


Nice pictures, it looks like the baby is saying, "of course that whole piece of cake will fit! see?!?" :-)


Oh my gosh! That baby's smile is just priceless!! Completely infectious.


I guess she didn't like the red. But those boys! Wowie!


Oh my gracious. That smile!


Happy Birthday! Carrot cake and family - wonderful. I hope you are being completely spoiled and that your birthday lasts as long as possible!

Teresa C

I'm in the mood for banana bread with chocolate chips, but I am resisting. That is harder than you might think, because I don't even have to make it, just pull it out of the freezer.

Happy Birthday! When is it? I can't wait to see the presents.


With buttercream frosting??


Happy Birthday, Vicki. I can't believe how much the boys have grown. They really do grow up too fast.


Ooooh, I love carrot cake! With or without cream cheese frosting. Actually, my wedding cake was the most stupendous carrot cake with Grand Marnier buttercream. I think that was the best I've ever tasted...


Happy Birthday to you - Happy birthday to you - Happy Birthday dear Vicki - Happy Birthday to you.


Happy, happy birthday today!
And many more. . . .


Happy Birthday, Vicki! Have a wonderful day and I hope the coming year is filled with happy adventure for you.


Happy Birthday!


Hsppy Birthday Vicki, those boys are adorable, hope you had a fun weekend.


Ooops, thats what I get for not previewing my comment, I can spell really!!


Hey Lady, love your blog! I have soooo done the hair thing. Just this last summer I was blonde, brunette and a redhead all in one day. Hope you get the color back to where you want it!

kathy b

Happy Birthday Vicki! Did you get some pansies? The carrot cake mix up was so funny. We do many store runs in the midst of baking around here!


Carrot cake is my most favorite of cakes. I even made it for my 4 year-old nephew's birthday, not knowing how he would feel about vegetable cake. I shouldn't have been surprised that he loved it, given that he also loves V-8!

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