It's that time again...
Hundertwasser watch



I love that shot. For me, there is something lovely about the stripped to the bare bones world we see in November.


Two peas in a pod, we are. My post starts out almost like yours this morning.

I love your pergola shot....I also still want you to come and design my patio for next year -- with a pergola and a clothesline. Is that too much to ask???


So very pretty. Sadly it is that time again to put away the outside furniture and get everything winterized. Though I am hoping that we get snow this year.


Lovely shot and it makes it look much warmer than it was this morning. Was I the only one who thought, "Wow, this is mild" just to freeze a mere minute later? Hoping for snow, but not too much!

Andrea (noricum)



beautiful picture Vicki!


What a gorgeous view you have this time of year. Lovely photos!

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