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Dsc01587Opal Hundertwasser Der Blaue Mond squares -- a little more than a full repeat in the four squares -- and a couple in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in "pewter."  I love these more than is probably normal.  I hope that they're not too far out for Oliver's American Blanket.  They're on their way to Kay today!

Judging by the reaction, lasagna is as laden with tryptophan as turkey.  Mmmm.  It was very, very good.  Mom made Sweet Potato Pie for dessert and it was fabulous!  I heard rumor of a possible Sweet Potato Pie Bake-off today -- BIL vs. MOM -- I'll be sure to secure a seat on the panel.

My sister and her family will be coming up from Madison today -- I'm so anxious to see Mack & Addison!  Mack left me a phone message the other day and I had a nice conversation with him later -- he isn't always in the mood to talk when I return a call.  ; )  And I could hear a babbling Addison in the background -- so excited for some cuddling!

One of my baristas just arrived home, having been at work since 3 a.m. (doing her part to keep the door-busters caffeinated) with stories of spilled milk, clogged parking lots, scuffles over portable DVD players, and flying fists over a misunderstanding about what "single file" means.


kathy b


My barista is off to work and I cannot wait to hear her stories, too. I got lucky and got downstaffed at work today!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray my sister is in town, so we can play one more day! Im thankful


Fisticuffs in a coffee shop? No more caffeine for them!


Lovely squares!


I'm so glad I'm home knitting. Enjoy the babes!


I wouldn't go shopping today if someone gave me a million dollars. Well, ok, that would be just plain stupid. I take that back. :)


I wouldn't go shopping today for a million dollars, either, but I was in retail management for about ten years. I don't think I've been in a department store on the day after Thanksgiving since 1982.


Thank you so much for knitting such beautiful squares. I love them too !



The squares are lovely.

Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving. Yummm sweet potato casserole.

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