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TreeThe Scroogie mood is starting to lift, maybe, just a little bit.  Maddy helped me put the tree in the stand on Sunday night -- there was a little bit of comedy involving crookedness and falling over, but we did it.  It's been in the front room since Sunday night and I finally strung it with some lights.  These are "garland" lights, which Mom persuaded me to buy (and perhaps one more is needed).  They're very different, but the look is growing on me and I think I like it!

We haven't had a real tree in years.  I meant to buy a smaller one than the artificial tree we have (the one that's in the basement, already strung with lights, and basically "free"), but it's really only about 6" shorter, though, in casual conversation, I've been saying it's a foot.

I'm getting excited about decorating the tree now.  This year, it's going to have only the girls' ornaments.  St. Nicholas has brought each of them an ornament every year, plus they each have some that they've made and that others have made for them.  Any one of these years, Katie and Ali, in particular, might be wanting their ornaments to decorate their own little trees.  I thought this would be fun.  Ali tried to hang her most recent ornament on the tree and we were reminded that sturdiness of branches was one of the big benefits to an artificial tree.

I had fun on the tree lot, choosing the one I liked best, and this morning I started getting excited about decorating it after Christmas -- with peanut butter pinecones and suet and birdseed -- and finding a place for it outside.



Oh - good for you for remembering the guys outside too! How sweet, and sticky!


We decorated our tree last night. I'm just glad it's done.


We are going out to buy our tree tomorrow morning. I think my panic is abating as well. Here's to happy holidays for us both!


I just love decorating an Xmas Tree. We used to go to visit friends every year to help them. It was one of my absolutely FAVORTIE things.

Teresa C

I've been cleaning and decided that even though we are going away I will put up some decorations. Listening to Christmas music all the way.


Yay for Christmas tree decorating! I am glad you are busting up the Scroogie, Vicki! I like the ornament tradition, we do something similar. It was nice when the husband' mom sent us all of his ornaments from his childhood. A sweet tradition.


Our tree went up the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Of course with the dog tail, cats and toddler the bottom of the tree is a little bare. LOL

Love the idea of decorating if after Christmas.


Very pretty! I like the garland lights. They look a bit easier than the regular ones as well.

We're getting ours on Saturday, and on the 31st it gets tossed out to the goats. They love themselves a discarded Christmas tree.


The best way to get in the spirit is to decorate. The garland lights are way awesome!


Mmm, I love the shape of that tree, and those garland lights are kinda neat!


My girls were "sick" on Tuesday and put up our tree. Not saying that the "bah-humbug" mood completely said adios, but it helps a lot. We have been buying the girls ornaments since they were little for St. Nick's Day, too. they both commented that next year they will need to sort theirs out into boxes since they will take theirs with them to college the following year. I can feel another round of "bah-humbug" already.


I finally ordered an artificial tree with prestrung lights this year. We'd reached a poit where buying and then disposing of the real tree had become too much of a chore. Not having to untangle and string lights should also make the decorating much more fun and less of a chore. The garland lights do look easier to deal with and I kind of like the effect.

Hope your season continues to raise your spirits.

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