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It's the most wonderful willy-nilly time of the year

To do...


That didn't take long.  There was no sitting back, no regrouping, no examining or determining.  I'd printed a pattern yesterday, found a lovely pair of Brittany needles that I've had for a while but never used, and looked for some yarn.  I'd found a ball of deep red wool, then glanced over and spied the lonely ball of "rescue yarn" that's been on my table for a while, waiting to be loved.  It's a lovely ball of dark green wool, impossible to photograph in morning "light," so look for at least one more progress photo, I hope, in daylight.  It's going to be an FO before long!

At this time of year, even at my Scroogiest, I can't help but think what a wonderful, quick, stylish gift this would make, and wouldn't every woman I know love one of these?

This is a ball of "felting wool" -- Cascade 220, no doubt -- that my sister kept telling me she had and wanted to give me.  She bought it a couple of years ago, intending to make a bag, but made babies instead and hasn't been so inclined to knit in her "free time" lately.  Mack found the little yarn cake and entertained himself for a while by pulling random strands from the middle, so I rescued it.  It wasn't as knotted and tangled and difficult to rewind as it looked.  The color is perfect.

Every woman I know is going to want one of these.

It may mean that I'm going with the "just cast on a bunch of stuff and come what may" plan.  I know I have a lonely ball of Kidsilk Haze in the stash...  There's a company party tonight, but otherwise I'll be in and knitting over the weekend.  We'll just have to see what happens.

FYI:  Changing the furnace filters can make an enormously HUGE difference in air quality and quantity of heat.  I'm surprised I didn't actually hear my furnace gasping for air.

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy weekend, everyone.



Funny - I printed the pattern yesterday too - and marinated with the stash for a while to try and pick something I already have. Any thoughts on what yarns would work well in addition to the Cascade?


You're making one for ME, right?

Beth S.

I think it's fascinating that the trends emerging right now are 1) neck warmers that are not scarves (or if they are scarves, they are constructed in new ways) and 2) berets and tams.

I'm pretty excited about both of these trends. Tudora will knit up in no time at all, and won't gap around the neck like a badly-wrapped scarf will. And I have been wanting to try a beret for ages, but was afraid of looking like a pretentious jerk. ;-) Now that's less of a risk!


Hooray for warm houses and great knits! Do let us know how Tudora works out. :)


That new issue of Knitty made me look at the stash's odd balls in a new way. Tudora or Ice Princess? Which one first? Looking forward to seeing your version of Tudora!


I know Tudora will knit up fast, and I LOVE its asymmetrical construction - just waiting for the inspiration of who to knit it for. We don't have cold weather like you do. So a drapey-type scarf is more preferred around here.

Teresa C

I know it! The second I saw that pattern I took a mental stroll through the stash to see if I could make it right away. Love it.

Have a great weekend.


I usually change filters based on when I start gasping for air - the curse and benefit of allergies that remind you of these tasks.

Sounds like a good start on the holiday season knitting.


Wow, you are right! That is gorgeous! I better start browsing through MY stash. Have a wonderful weekend:)


It looks like a fun quick knit. You could whip some out for Christmas for sure.


I love tudora and would have printed the pattern if the printer didn't hate me! Probably just as well as I have lots of xmas knitting to finish.
Have a great weekend.


Isn't it nice when everything comes together so easily?

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