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Weekend Update

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Saturday Sky, which didn't get posted yesterday, and same view on Sunday.  SNOW!

ATTENTION!  KNITTER IN NEED:  One of the knitters in our NE Wisconsin Yahoo group put out a desperate plea for yarn on the message board.  She is in need of 2 hanks Rowan Handknit DK Cotton, Color 311 (Nautical), Lot 15K2.  The LYS doesn't have any more in that lot; she bought a different dye lot and tried alternating, but it's too obvious.  If anyone can help, please let me know and I'll put you in touch.

Dsc01839Almost.  It's been a bit of a struggle with the Oblique fronts.  I ripped back to the beginning of the raglan shaping -- the cast-off stitches -- and carried on from there, but was knitting myself into a black hole, for sure, with some of the decisions I was making about decreases and YOs.  So, ripped back again; this time to where the decreases met the textured lace pattern.  I made much better decisions the second time and I've become quite good at reading my knitting -- and at fixing my mistakes.

It's an "almost" because I think I mixed up my decreases on the last few rows.  The top of the right front, especially, veers suspiciously off in the wrong direction.  I'd stuffed it into my knitting bag with only a handful of rows left to go and when I pulled it out, one side was yanked off the needle.  I may have mixed up left and right when I put it back on.

Or, perhaps I was distracted by football.


What a game!  There was a fumble and heartbreak, snow, fumble and more heartbreak, more snow, running and passing and touchdowns, and SNOW!!  And we WON!  We're going to the Divisional Championship game!!  (Go GIANTS!)

Abcalong150pxwideSign up (to be included in the Flickr group and on the blogroll) continues for ABC-Along 2008 through Saturday (see here) -- which is also the end of "A" on the official posting schedule... though, you know, I'm not a real stickler for the official posting schedule.  To be honest, I fell behind a few times in the middle of the alphabet last time -- I was stymied by the letter or uninspired or just too busy -- so I played catch up.  Whatever, you know?  My enthusiasm for the project never waned, and I sure wasn't going to throw in the hat because I missed a "deadline."  It's supposed to be fun, creative, and inspired -- hopefully, your posts will be something you can look back on at the end of the year and feel good about, that the thing you choose for each letter of the alphabet really means something to you.  That doesn't mean that one should continue to post As and Bs throughout the year -- that's not the point -- but I hope no one gives up because of "falling behind."



Oh, I agree about the ABC-Along, Vicki! I struggled a few times in 2006, and fell behind sometimes, but it was always my intention to post 26 photos that really meant something to me, and that said something about who I am, too. All together, those posts became a kind of self-portrait that's very satisfying.


I haven't posted an A yet because I still haven't come up with something. I'm in big trouble already. ;-)


Almost is looking fine. I won't say anything about the Packers and Giants except Go Cowboys! :-)


I heard the Packers won and immediately thought of you!


Go Giants???


Ha! I've been wondering vaguely the last week or so about what in the world I was going to photo for A, but while reading this post it hit me smackaroo! in the face. I'll take the picture tonight or tomorrow, and I am so psyched for it. You'll see why when you see the picture!

Teresa C

We hate us some Giants around here, but I don't care for Dallas either. The way I see it, who ever wins, let's just hope they beat the heck out of each other in the process!


I am posting my ABC's along to the Flickr group. Hope that is okay. If everything goes according to plan, I should have a picture for the Letter B pretty soon. :-)

kathy b

May I be the first blogger to say:



I don;t know who we cheered louder for - the Packers or the Giants! Sure didn't want to see our boy have to go to Dallas! Love me some Brett baby!!!

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