I've looked at snow from both sides now

All tied up


It's a busy, busy day!!

Meanwhile, quickly, it's WIP Wednesday!  Rather than casting on something new, I have bucked up and taken up Mom's Habu Birthday project again... and discovered another mistake.  And, oh yeah, another one.  The niggling voice saying, "Wasn't it THIS way when you tried it on at the trunk show?" led to the discover of yet another mistake.  And what in the world was I counting?  So, yeah.  The "taking up" involves a fair amount of "ripping out."  Maybe even A LOT of ripping out.  But that's okay.  It has to turn out well -- better than well -- and I need to do my best.  I think I've found my groove, my tension is much better, my ability to read the pattern and makes sense of all those freakin' arrows... better.



What a great artistic photo!

Mary in Boston

I agree with Carole, that photo is wonderful! Good luck with Habu! ;-)


I LOVE this picture.


Hee hee. Me too. All tied up, I mean. Been trying to post and comment for days. But...all tied up, I am.


Hmmm, maybe I don't want to tackle a Habu project. The sweaters look so amazingly simple. I'm sure I'll give in at some point.


You must have have been counting something good. What a great photo!

Beth S.

I see a bird with a long beak--like a toucan, with all those colors. ;-)

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