The question was...
B is also for...

B is for...

Dsc02009B is for Breakfast.  I love going out for breakfast.

Specifically, this morning, B is for Mom's belated birthday breakfast (with bacon*) at The Queen Bee.  Mom's birthday was Thursday and, while we did plenty of celebrating last weekend, we celebrated some more this weekend.  We went to the indoor winter farmer's market, browsed through a couple of shops, enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, then assembled some make-ahead meals at Dinner Helpers.

The Queen Bee is one of those places that's open only for breakfast and lunch.  It's nothing fancy -- breakfast all day, burgers for lunch -- but it's friendly, clean, and hearty without being too much.

When Maddy was in Pre-K, she brought home a book of recipes for the kids' favorite foods and directions for preparation -- in their own words.  Maddy's favorite food was...

*From the Kitchen of Maddy's Mom...

*Get a piece of bacon
*Fry it in the pan
*Wait for a few minutes
*Then you eat it

Adam's Potatoes:  Peel them first.  Cook them.  Eat them.

Dsc02010 Dsc02011 Dsc02012

Two eggs over-medium, corn muffin tops, extra-crispy hashbrowns, and bacon.  Mmmm, very bad but also very good.  B is also for Beagle Bagel from Two Paws Up Bakery -- my favorite place for dog treats; I also brought home some Cheese Dogs, Honey Bears, Veggie Stars and, of course, Bacon and Egg Piglets.



mmmmmmm baaacon.


That looks way better than what I've been eating for breakfast.


There is just something about breakfast foods... A perfect B.


yes, I will definitely be needing one of those mugs!


I love your ABCs!


Bacon always makes for a bountiful breakfast. :D


Aside from the bacon (I do love turkey bacon but can't do the pork) it looks totally yummy...especially those corn muffin tops (talk about getting the best part!).


yumm - breakfast out .. with all the trimmin's
looks wonderful and delicious. (and is the only way I every eat breakfast !)
great B


Ah, I miss going out for breakfast! Here in Holland it is just not done, unless you go to a fancy hotel where there are a lot of foreigners and they charge you a fortune for Sunday brunch. I really miss that kind of local diner cozy breakfast thing. Sigh.


The corn muffin tops sound wonderful - what happens to the bottoms?


Breakfast is my favorite meal... and I can have it any time of the day! My dad used to do all the cooking when I was growing up, and made breakfast for dinner at least once a month, usually waffles. I did the same raising my kids and that was one of the biggest shocks to my stepson when DH and I put our two families together. Yum!!

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