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C is for cheese curds -- handmade goat cheese curds (plain and squeaky, please) fresh from Caprine Supreme Creamery in Black Creek, WI.  You can read about Caprine Supreme here at Cheese Underground.  I made a point yesterday to stop at the indoor farmers' market to replenish my supply.  Am I living in heaven here, or what?  Right at the junction of Candyland and Dairyland.

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I had curds with pretzel bread this morning.  I wasn't intending to buy that little loaf yesterday, but when I asked the sweet little old lady who gave me the sample (with a slice of cheddar cheese on top) where to find it, she practically took me my the hand and led me to its location in the bakery department; she made it a point to tell me that she'd witnessed them being baked at 9 a.m. that very morning.

We'd often stop for a bag of curds to pass around the car during family trips when I was a kid.  The little cheese factory stores are hard to find now.  An aunt and uncle bought a small, abandoned, rural cheese factory many years ago and transformed it into a place to live.

I can remember standing next to Grandma in her kitchen a few years ago as she sliced some cheese for us -- thin slices, one for each.  Cheese was definitely not part of her restricted diet, except for non-fat varieties.  She handed me my slice of cheese, telling me that she'd rather have only one slice of "real" cheese everyday than all she could eat of the other stuff.

Hardly a snob, I often prefer Kraft American Processed for my grilled cheese sandwich (two slices of cheese... on white bread, of course).  I'm no stranger to Cheez Whiz and Easy Cheese, either; not that they're permanent -- or even frequent -- residents in the pantry.

Edited to Add:  Try eatcurds.com for everything you've always wanted to know about cheese curds and more.

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C is also for good morning cry and Eva Cassidy.  Thanks to Terry, I've had one with the other this morning -- in a good way.  Oh, my.  I can barely tear myself away from YouTube even to get a tissue, I've been wiping my tears mostly with my nightgown.  I watched the linked Nightline episode and the tears started flowing before a note was even sung.  Eva plays importantly on the soundtrack of a personal milestone, so when she sends a zinger into my heart it's felt double.  "People Get Ready," "Somewhere Over The Rainbow," "Autumn Leaves," "Songbird," "Fields of Gold," but mostly...

..."In the Early Morning Rain."  (Close your eyes and just listen.)



I have no idea of what cheese curds are--but, from your description and photos I want some and I want them now!


Stop it with the cheese curds - you're killing me! That's one of the very few things I dislike about living in MN - squeaky cheese curds are much harder to come by than they are in WI. Strangely enough, the most reliable place to get them is at the Mall of America - there's a great Cheesehead-owned cheese shop there.


After searching through hundreds of CDs, I found "Songbird" in my collection this afternoon. It's been a couple of years since I've listened and after reading your post I knew I had to listen to Eva today. Thanks, Vicki.


I love cheese curds, but can't get them anywhere around here anymore since our only local cheese maker went out of business. Yummy!


My family is part of the history of WI cheesemaking. My dad's family had their own cheese factory (provolone and mozzarella) for a long, long time. It finally went under in the past 10 years or so...they were bought out by a conglomerate that shall remain nameless. When I'm home for a visit, I still love to take a drive out to see it. It's one of those rural places, in the middle of nowhere, it seems, but I love it.


Two Eva's in one day...it is a cry worthy day. The last two days I've bought more cheese (of different varieties) than I normally to...must be something in the air. May you have a lovely Sunday, Vicki.


Cheese curds, huh? Never had them...at least not purposely!


Oh, I love cheese curds. When I was young and living in central Wisconsin, I used to ride my bike 10 miles to the nearest cheese factory to get fresh out of the vat cheese curds. I've never had chevre cheese curds, but I bet theya re fabulous!!! Warm, squeaky.


Well - if they're deep fried, then I'm all over cheese curds!


Oh my! I don't think we have those in this part of the country. They sound YUMMY! Especially with the pretzel bread.

Guess I better start thinking about my 'C' post!

Teresa C

I'm reading blogs too late today.

I did just what you said, closed my eyes and listened and thought of you and that first college drop off, the ride home, the whole thing. How easily the tears came thinking of it and hearing that lovely song. And People Get Ready is one of my favorites.

(the link for "personal milestone" is to my blog again, I'm thinking you meant it to go someplace else?)


Vicki, I didn't close my eyes as I've actually seen the movie used and the scenes make some sense if you know where they came from. Spirited Away is available from NetFlix, and probably elsewhere, and is very worth renting, though not my usual type of choice. Sweet story and a thriller with a strong female lead at the same time. Actually, several strong females in this.

Thanks for the video link. I'm not familiar with her (or much of any music later than about 1975) but really like her voice. I'll have to look her up.

Alas, I'll never get to try cheese curds since I'm now allergic to milk. As my mother pointed out, very ironic given my love of cheese.


We always had cheese curds growing up as a kid in Upstate New York - luv them ! Great C.

Also thanks again for the link to Eva Cassidy. She was/is amazing.


I can't believe I know that movie (Kate does anyway) At the very beginning, she's eating a chocolate filled marshmallo, they're not that bad ;-) The song sets me in a particular mood as just yesterday, a crazy twist in life begins.

Mary in Boston

Time for "C" entries already? I better get crackin'!

Thank you for the information about Eva Cassidy. I'd not heard her before but will definitely be adding her voice to my collection.


Bread and cheese one of the classic combos and in my top ten all time favorites. And your selections look particularly tasty. It has been along time since I have had Cheese curds, I think I will have to go hunt some down. Thanks for the memories.


I'm a little ticked off that I don't have an indoor farmers market with cheese curds and pretzel bread.


Hm. I remember now that I got sidetracked by this post yesterday and listened to a whole bunch of stuff on YouTube and never commented! I love your photo of your cheese curds! Lovely. People's creativity this time around is so wonderful to see.


Finally. Had Kate listen~The movie is Spirited Away, but this song is not in it. The match was very good indeed!

Melissa V.O.

About the processed cheese-food for grilled cheese, I am glad I am not the only one from the Midwest dairy land. My husband could kill me, "That's NOT cheese!" he'd say and roll eyes further back than anyone I know.

The pretzel bread looks great, yum!


I love the cheese curd link! Did you see that they had a poetry section? I'm busy cogitating on a cheese curd haiku....

I have to come back and listen (shh, I'm at work right now).


I love the cheese curd link! Did you see that they had a poetry section? I'm busy cogitating on a cheese curd haiku....

I have to come back and listen (shh, I'm at work right now).

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