Time, time, time... no time
We are lucky to have him


I seem to have lost it, along with mojo and enthusiasm, inspiration and some pluck.  I think I've previously had more pluck.  Has anyone seen my missing pluck?

I'm going to take a little break to recharge and and see if I can find one or more of those things -- maybe they're in Minneapolis.

It's true, after a year's delay, I'm finally going to Minneapolis!  Katie's going to visit a friend there and I'm hitching a ride, so I'll even be able to knit most of the way!  If I want to.  See you on the flip.

Think spring: DSC04353



My mojo has been missing for weeks. I think it's buried under the snow but it's been too dark and cold to go looking for it. Perhaps your pluck is hunkered down there with it.

Have fun in Minneapolis! It's a fun city and new scenery is bound to rejuvenate you.


Going to be hitting any haunts I might be able to bump into you with a set of knitting needles? Could help restore the pluck,


Have a super good time and find that pluck while you're at it!!


What? You're in my neck of the woods! Have fun!


I have your pluck!! It's waiting here for you in your suite. I am so freaking excited I can't even stand it.


I don't know where your missing pluck has gone, Vicki. But we do have spring here in California. I'll box some up and send it your way if that would help.

Cindy B

Hey! We just missed you. We were at the cities this weekend! Go to the Yarn Garage . . . seventeen foot ceilings piled that high with yarn.


Have a blast you plucky thing!

From Minneapolis

In Minneapolis: Needlework Unlimited. Look for Brian - he's a sweetie.

It is beginning to look like winter might not go on forever. But, being pragmatic Minnesotans, we are not yet counting on that.

Mucho good stuff to do here in the Twin Cities. It is a great place to live and a fun place to visit.


Enjoy your trip. The picture of "Spring" and bright pink flowers was just what I needed today!

Bookish Wendy

Pluck! I love it, what a perfect way to put it....

Dixie at Yellow Dog

Stop in on your way past!!!!!!!! Did you hear that Franklin in coming on March 15th!!

Teresa C

I'll be keeping you close in my thoughts while you are gone, and I'll miss you.

I hope you find your pluck, intent, spirit, whatever. Then share it with me.


Well... I can send you some of my pluck! But, I think that Minneapolis will be a wonderful refresher of pluck. Think Big City and all. Maybe Mayhem can give you some of her pluck!


Pluck, pluck! Is that anything like cluck, cluck? or f... never mind.


Your Pluck may be hanging out with mine. Where ever that is. Happy trails, miles of knitting!

Lab Cat

It is called February. March will soon be here. Enjoy Minneapolis and visit St Paul too.

Mary in Boston

I love the Twin Cities!!! Have a great time. We'll be here waiting for you!


This is a hard time of year. I've finally got a new project that feels on the right track after bouncing around for the last few months. I'm sure we'll get our enthusiasm back just as it gets too hot for handknits.

Enjoy your trip.


If you happened to stop by my blog, you already know that the (St. Paul) Como Conservatory is a cure for many ills this time of year. If you find time, spend a couple hours there. It's a great fix!

And give my best to Deb! Ask her how the Preteen Mitt is going.... (or at least make her show you the yarn)


hope you're feeling plucky again soon! i'll be mailing your special swap package tomorrow and i hope that cheers you up!!


Have a marvelous time on your plunky venture!

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