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I've looked at snow from both sides now

Snow_bush Snow_layers

And I know you're tired of it.  Not as much as me, though, that I can guarantee.  Isn't it interesting with the layers?  These were taken from inside my office yesterday...


...this one's on my side of the glass.  It makes me smile... happy, pink, hope... thoughts of spring.



I'm ready for spring, too. Of course, I've been saying that since November!


I really don't know snow....at all. ;-)


Although the snow is pretty hanging off of the branches, personally, I prefer the look from inside the glass. ;) What a beautiful plant! Love that color!!!


Pink, pink.... we need more of it. I would be tired of that much snow too.

There's hope, I promise. I just took photos yesterday (haven't posted yet) of my bulb plants/flowers sprouting. Some of these things sprouting... I dont remember planting, so Im very excited to see just what pops up!


I've heard that we may have (after a snow-less winter) "accumulating snow" on Friday. YAY! I just want to take a few pictures and enjoy it for a day--and then it can be Spring.


The amount of snow we've had is bad enough. I can imagine you are very sick of it.


Awwww, forget the snow. I love the pink flowers! Spring will be here soon, and I can't wait!


Think spring, indeed! I keep sighing over the beautiful pink roses on my dining room table, courtesy of my sweetie last Thursday. I'm holding out hope for spring here- though I am afraid of where all this snow is going to go when it melts...


I'm sooo tired of the COLD!


I can only assume that because it is lent that spring is just around the corner. I'm tired of looking for the positive in the bitter, biting cold.

Wish I'd planted a field full of tulips & daffodils....

Beth S.

I hear that! ;-)

Pink and green... this gives me project ideas.


we haven't had a decent snowfall yet! I am jealous --- of course, they are predicting a bit of snow for Friday ..... we shall see. ;)


Sitting here at home in southern California (for a wonder, not sunny today), I do wonder what it would be like to have 71" of snow. That seems like an awful lot. I'm 67" tall, so it's over my head. LOL Hm. ;-) *LOVE* the pink flowers.

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