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Scorpio Daily Horoscope, February 14, 2008
Endings As Beginnings

A significant ending in your life could leave you feeling alone today and unsure of what is coming next. You may experience a sense of loss or feel abandoned because a phase of your life has come and gone. Solace can be found in the fact that all beginnings are preceded by endings. Though you may mourn for what has passed, try looking toward the future. You may find that in leaving your past behind, a myriad of opportunities are waiting to be discovered. Consider all that you once dreamt of and ask yourself which of those dreams you might find pleasure in resurrecting today. A fantasy that once tugged at your heartstrings could become a real goal for you.

My DailyOm horoscope was a little weird this morning.  My first reaction -- anyone's first reaction -- to "Endings As Beginnings" and the message therein was that it could only be referring to the "significant ending" of a relationship.  But wait... on Valentine's Day?  That's kind of weird.  Certainly not impossible, but a weird message for this day, even if it is mostly a Hallmark holiday.  My relationships are in various states of health and well-being, as usual, but I don't think any are at the "significant ending" stage.

bent out of shape

Maddy got the Plum job she's been hoping for!  Yay!!  She knows some of the other people who have been hired, and is excited about working with all of them... and also about the gelato.  The cafe is set to open sometime next month, so I imagine training will begin fairly soon.

Alison will have a new entry on her resume, also, as she is training for a very part-time position at a local fitness place.  She's been wanting a place to work out and a key component and appeal of this new job is the free membership.  She is still working as a barista and pursuing some other interests.  That one never sits still for long.

There are also some interesting, late-breaking, sudden developments in the realm of DH's work, the details of which are still rather foggy, but it's good.  You know?  He's happy and excited, and there's good energy.  That spark is a really good thing, especially at this time of year... and it's catchy.

I am a little charged up, too.  I have these interests that I think about pursuing from time-to-time.  Big ideas.  Things I could do if I could ever figure out a way to cross the bridge.  I get excited for a while and try to think of ways to make them work before the dampers start to descend -- logistics, time, money, self-doubt, practicality, making a living, paying the bills.  The dampers are usually too much and big ideas end up dormant -- sometimes for only a short time, but sometimes for much longer -- and sometimes the descending just doesn't stop.

The thing is, they never die.  My excitement and longing and passion never really goes away, never gets written off completely.  Sooner or later, I'll read or hear or see something and there's a big spark!  Hey!!  The flames are fanned, the ideas take shape -- sometimes the same, sometimes different.

I felt a big spark the other day.

back space

As evidenced, there are good things happening -- small things, not always sure things, but good things.  I think we're turning a corner, and the "significant ending" actually has to do with our state of mind -- our collective state of mind -- with karma, energy, optimism, and possibilities.  We're none of us alone or feeling loss, but there's a shift happening and I can almost feel it!  The big ideas and dreams are looking more like opportunities and goals, with all the uncertainty that comes along with taking risks and crossing bridges.

YouTube-alooza continues, and "I FEEL GOOD!"  James Brown wearing a ski sweater only makes me feel better.

* * * * * *

Maddy rescued my old Royal Mariner typewriter from the trash heap yesterday.  She pried off all the keys -- after we worked together to get the lid off -- though the evidence shows that despite a number of tries, Back Space would not budge.  It did eventually come off.  She'll be dismantling the rest for "usable parts" very soon.

Dad gave me that typewriter for Christmas when I was 11 or 12, I think -- so practical. I wonder, really, what his motivation was, other than being practical; what he was thinking, exactly? Did he think I should write... letters? stories?  Learn to type so I could... be a secretary?  (It was '69 or '70 and we lived in a very conservative, small Midwestern city... I read about bras burning, but I'm not sure any fires were held locally.  There's a small university, and I always looked for war protesters, too -- like I'd see on the news -- there were never any of those, either.)



Maybe the "ending" is a knitting project, or just giving up the typewriter. So much to ponder in your post...so much that's good, too.


An enigmatic valentine, for sure.
I found an ancient typewriter in the attic of our new house. I must clean it up so I can photograph it properly.


My parents got a portable typewriter for my sister and I to share. Their thinking was we could use it for the papers we had to write for school.

Teresa C

I always relate to what you write about. I love this post, and the photos are great.


Wow! James Brown as a baykins and in ski sweater and leggings. Good find.

In 1970 I turned 14. And I lived in California. Granted, I lived in a small town but Berkeley was a 2-hour drive away - the best of both worlds. It does seem like another world, certainly another time. Maybe the ending is James taking the our youth back out into the cold with him as he leaves?

Congratulations to the daughters.


I'll bet your dad just saw the writer in you. Happy new beginnings!


I'll bet your dad just saw the writer in you. Happy new beginnings!

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