Almost just like Ramon... but with knitting... and it's Friday.

Ramen Thing 1:  I remember watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire when it was new.  There was a broke college student for a contestant who mentioned living on ramen and Regis had absolutely no clue.


Ramen Thing 2:  I was wrong. I haven't quite attached the second ball of yarn to this project.  That'll be next.  I'm so sorry I had to ditch it and I can't wait to get back to it!  I tried to stretch it a little to show more of the pattern, called "Scroll."  I'm looking to have it finished for a special occasion at the end of the month.

Ramen Thing 3:  I am going to yoga tonight for the first time in over a year, I think.  A brand new studio.  Not hot.  I love the hot yoga, but not the extra time associated with it.

Ramen Thing 4:  Maddy should be hearing about the barista job she interviewed for a while back -- today, I hope.  Fingers crossed, eh?  She needs to pay for a car.  There have been some sad and unfortunate setbacks in the opening of this new shop.  If she doesn't get the barista job, the wheels will help broaden the prospective job horizons.

Ramen Thing 5:  I get a haircut tomorrow!



That scarf is going to be gorgeous. Love the scrolls!


P.S. I've been known to live on Ramen, too. LOL Can't even imagine not knowing what it is.


Good luck to Maddy! I think I've had Ramen once. Too salty.


I'm with Cara, the ramen noodles are so salty. My SIL used to feed this to her kids when they were toddlers and I was appalled!


The colors for that scarf are so beautiful! I love the pattern. Ramen noodes are yummy, I get the reduced salt ones. :)


That pattern is very pretty, fingers crossed for Maddy's new job.


I know what Special Occasion is!!


I like Ramen in a salad just broken up--dried...like croutons. We used to eat that in Alaska. Love that knitting. Colors are fab!! Good luck to Maddy.


I'm sure I'm not the only one to notice the colors in your "Scroll" are suspiciously Packers-like..... intentional?

Ramen- yummy! I use half the seasoning, then drain the liquid off. The cuts down the saltiness. I use them (dry) browned in butter with sunflower seeds and almonds for a delicious Napa cabbage salad too. How could you not know what ramen is?


Ramon likes Ramen. Even though he's Roman. (Is that tomorrow's post?)
Youse guys, you don't put the whole packet of stuff in just because they give it to you! Haven't you ever lived on ramen?
You can season with something else like "Better than Bouillon", or you put maybe 1/3 of the flavor packet in and it's not nearly so salty (or a lot more water if you're really starving). Either as a soup, or drain the ramen, season as you wish, just eat as noodles. Or use it for salad, plain as above, or my husband the wonderful cook sautes it like you would almonds & puts in salad.

Actually, I mostly lived on Kraft Mac & Cheese when I was a starving college student, 4 packages for $1, 5/$1 on sale -- which dates me -- with occasional splurges on Campbell's soup and peanut butter. But I had *some* ramen back then because I remember making it in my little plug-in hot pot illegally in my dorm room, and I also remember a mouse crunching loudly away at my ramen package at night, eating it out from the wall side of the shelf, so it looked fine till I picked it up one day to make it, to find a hollow chewed-out shell.


scroll is absolutely stunning. love the color combination with that pattern. wow.

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