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Typing while thinking and trying to come up with a title more clever than "Random Thursday," results in a post entitled "Ramon."  Well, really, it can't get much more random than that, can it?  It makes me laugh, though, perhaps, once again, I am amusing only myself.  C'est la vie.  Que sera sera.

Ramon Thing 1:  The WPT Garden Expo is this weekend in Madison and I'm going to miss it.  It would have to be such a quick trip, that I decided not to go.  If you go, look for Peeling Ceiling Pottery and say hello to my sister Sharon!  She does awesome work.

Ramon Thing 2:  Madeleine called me at lunch time today to ask if I was doing anything tomorrow night -- a meeting, a class, knitting out (honestly, if I say, "I don't get out much," it's kind of a lie).  She wants to cook dinner for me.  Huh?  She made herself something delicious (but not weird, she said) for lunch today and wants to make it for me!

Ramon Thing 3:  I recently found a note penned by Maddy taped to my Caffeine-free Diet Coke bottle in the fridge that told all the different reasons why it was not the best choice to quench my thirst.  Maddy has been on a serious and somewhat prolonged health/diet kick and she is trying her best to drag me down pull me up take me along for the ride!  She's been doing a fair amount of the grocery schlepping of late and is so very good about the choices she makes.  Just say no.

Ramon Thing 4:  RT2 may be somewhat related to Madeleine's improved mood over her new car.  I picked it up yesterday while she was at school and she found it parked in the driveway when she arrived home.  This is not something that was seriously on the radar, but an offer came along that was too good to pass up.  She's happy about The Car, of course, even though it's an older-than-the-hills car, but the provenance is also appealing -- Who it belonged to... Nathaniel, lead singer and front man for a local band called IVORY.  Nathaniel is leaving for NYC next week, pursuing a brighter future for himself and his band.  He's so adorable, so young.  I'm such a mother.  I paid him the agreed price for his car and told him that I specifically brought big bills so he'd be likely to keep them longer; Ali told me that he was worried about spending his money too quickly.  I told him how wonderful NYC is, how excited I was for him and this opportunity.  I also said, Have fun! Be careful! Don't do anything dumb!  Our business and my little lecture concluded, he said that he felt he should hug me or something.  Aw.  All the best, Nathaniel, all the best.

Ramon Thing 5:  I guess that's it for Ramon today.  I'm at school and class is about to begin.  XO.

Ramon Thing 6:  Oh, I just remembered another Ramon thing... I think I finally know what I'm making for Cara's baby!!!  Well, I've kind of known what I was going to make, I just wasn't really sure it would turn out the way I wanted.  I think it is!!  Details soon at the baby blog... it won't be long before we really find out Who's Gonna Be "The Boss" Now?!!

Okay, now I'd better skedaddle.



Love the Ramon post. How wonderful to have dinner cooked for you on a Friday night! Can't wait to hear/see what you've decided for the new Boss...I need to get busy, too.


Wow, you have lots of good things going on! You may have hugged a fututre huge star! Your Ramon post is great:)


DUDE!!! You've only got like SIX WEEKS! (HOLY SHIT!!!!!) ;-)


Thanks for the plug Vicki and the compliment of the work I do !!!!! Jen has something on her computer that alerts her to any mention of the Pottery shop and she thinks you are sweet. Along with MANY others :-) Love, Sharon

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