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Sixteen tons

It was nice enough on Saturday morning when I was out and about getting my hair cut and stocking up on cheese curds, but the weather man predicted colder air and increased winds later in the day (and for the rest of the weekend) so I decided to get all the heavy lifting out of the way while I still had my jacket on.  Four bags of water softener salt (an absolute requirement where we live), dog food, cat food, and kitty litter later... let's see... yep, that's about 16 tons, another day/week/month/year older, and deeper in debt.  That's me.

I'm so happy with how my hair turned out -- a new option for styling.  It wasn't cut any differently, but with the application of "curl enhancer" and blown dry with a diffuser -- va-va-voom, curls like I never had without a perm before!  It couldn't be easier -- apply enhancer, attach the diffuser to blowdryer, glom it onto your head, move it around glomming on to all areas, and ta-da, CURLS!  I had to take a raincheck on the enhancer (though I think I have a different variety at home) and I ran out of time for ANYthing extra this morning (and yesterday morning) -- blow-drying and styling my hair is definitely a morning extra.

For the rest of the weekend, I didn't venture any further than the outer limits of the front porch -- and only to retrieve the business end of the dog's tie-out.

I did laundry, cleaned house a little, ate my cheese curds and pretzel bread, made a nice dinner, watched a couple of movies -- Alice Adams and The Magnificent Ambersons -- and the Grammy Awards, and knit.  I had to wash and pin out one section of one deadline project to block, so turned my attention mostly to the "Scroll" lace project with a few small, mindless things thrown in to cleanse the brain.  All the while I had a feeling that there was something amiss in my thinking.  As I threw things together yesterday morning, I noticed knitting needles sticking out of a project bag inside my larger tote -- and I actually said to myself, "I wonder what that is?"  Um, yeah.  Mom's "Habu Birthday To You" project.  Whoops.

One of the things I was throwing into my bag yesterday was Elizabeth Zimmermann's Rib Warmer.  I was happy to knit the Rib Warmer for the fascination factor, which is good because, truth be told, it turned out a little on the small/snug side.  It is very literally a rib-warmer.  It accentuates my positives, if you know what I mean, and also accentuates some of my other positives, though I'd rather those were negatives (or at least neutrals), and for that reason I didn't think that I'd really ever wear it much.  Turns out, I take it with me everywhere and I wear it a lot!  At my present place in the life cycle, and at this time of year, layers are key and my Rib Warmer is the perfect extra layer that works under almost anything.

* * * * * *

It appears that I'm having a YouTube-alooza this week.  Perhaps you've seen the Yes We Can video that Norma linked to the other day.  If you liked that, you'll like the one below, found by chance this morning at a blog I also found by chance, Light. Sweet. Crude. 



I think your weekend sounds heavenly. What did you make for dinner?


Your post sounds like a day in a life. I'm envious of your curls.


Curls? I must see curls. I have a hair dryer and diffuser here for you!!


Nice weather we are having. Mmm.
I remember when I blow dried and styled my hair, but just vaguely ;) I've never actually totaled all the heavy lifting I do in a week, must be quite something. Add regular groceries to your list and garbage and this time of year, a full shovel or two!

Beth S.

The diffuser is the indispensable friend of the curly-headed. If only I had time in the mornings to actually use it... instead I go out with a damp braid most days. ;-)


Tennessee Ernie Ford, Katherine Hepburn and curl enhancer all in the same post. That's why you make my day, sweetie. See my blog.

PS I only use a blow dryer when I'm running very late. Dryer = frizz for me, even difused, but my hair keeps getting shorter and faster to dry as the decreasing hormones lead to more and more curl.


Oh, and let's not forget EZ and hot flashes. Shall we get really nostalgic and hold an anti-war sit-in?

Virtually, of course. I'm not sure I could sit on the sidewalk for long enough any more.

Teresa C

My girls love curl enhancer. My hair is so super straight it would take way more than an enhancer to get a wave into it.

I love reading your blog.


Love the new video - thanks!


Thanks for sharing the video!!! I LOVE IT!


Oh, man...I used a diffuser in my big-hair perm days. Not sure I'm ready for that again. Hee.

"Wow" is all I can say about that video. Wow.


Hello! I just stopped in for the first time (new kid on the knitblog block) and I'll certainly be back! Anyone who mentions cheese curds in a post is definitely a sistah of mine! (Cheese IS its own food group here in the Badger State, no?)

Great blog!


Thanks for the link!


Fabulous videos. Thanks.

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