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I have had great fun participating in a few of Lynne's Special Swaps over the past six months.  There's a theme to each swap -- in the garden, on a picnic, going to the movies, having a spa day -- and it's fun dreaming up ideas and putting together each perfect, special package.

No matter the theme, none of my swap packages is complete without a special confectionary treat from Wisconsin -- Lynne and Marisol can vouch for Wilmar's handmade caramels, I believe Irish Eyes Kathy B. can speak for the truffles (or was it an Oak's Melty Bar?), I am as yet undecided about Liz's special treat.

It was fun to see an article today in The New York TimesA Tour of Candyland in Wisconsin, Timeless and Sweet.

Wilmar's is where I do most of my shopping here in Candyland, but Oak's is available at my usual grocery store, and Seroogy's and Vande Walle's fundraiser bars are never hard to find.  Sweet!



I have to confess I really like Hughes Home-Maid chocolates. I always remember standing on the basement steps of their house waiting to buy my Easter candy. The Oysters with vanilla creme are my very favorite! Kremers Pharmacy in Fond du Lac also sells Hughes chocolate so I have an easy source during work hours. :D


Hmmmmmm...sounds yummy AND fun!


It all sounds so good!


Sweet indeed!

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