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Herohat Herodetail

This is the set I knit for Cara's surprise baby shower!  It was a fun little knit and quick to finish!  I bought the pattern, "Baby's First Cable Cardigan" by Diane Kostecki (Kalamazoo Knits Pattern #31) at the Aussie Sock Yarn booth at Rhinebeck.  It's hard to find anything definitive to link to online, but check the links on the baby shower blog.  (We've let Cara in over there, so the user name/password requirement has been lifted at Who's Gonna Be "The Boss" Now?.)

The set was knit with two strands held together; either two strands of Dale Baby Ull in "neutral" navy blue (solid) or one strand each of Baby Ull and Hand Maiden Casbah (color).  I needlessly feared running out of Casbah while I worked the sweater and was still concerned, obviously, when I knit the hat, hence the alternating of five rows solid, five rows color.  And, don't you just know it, I still have some of that yarn left!

I highly recommend the pattern, if you can find it.  It was quick and fun and not fiddly to finish, yet is a very nice little sweater.  The worst part about some baby knits is the fiddle factor when it comes to finishing... ask me how I know, and how many baby knits it took me to figure it out, and how many are still unfinished.  There are only two small seams to sew (sleeves) on this sweater, and I think it could definitely be knit with no seams to sew at all!



That baby is going to be the best dress around!


The sweater was lovely.

You were missed on Saturday!


It's really cute. I love the way the colors swirl.

kathy b

The sweater is so lovely. Thanks for the pattern link. Love the low seam ratio!


That sweater manages to look handsome and cute at the same time.

I haven't knit many baby things, but I have noticed fiddly finishing in many of the patterns. Probably a relationship there.


Vicki - that is so darn pretty. You can just see the love in every stitch. Lucky little baby and mama, those two!

Teresa C

More knitting for Cara's baby! So cute. I love it.


It's so gorgeous - I can't thank you enough for everything!!! I missed you so, but know you were there in spirit. Thank you for all the plotting and planning. I'm so touched!



That's just adorable. Can't wait to see it with little jeans. :)


Nice! Reminds me I ought to get stitchin' for The Tiny Man's birthday.It's right around the corner.


I love the baby set!! The sweater is adorable. I know what you mean about fiddly and how fiddly things don't get finished. I just finished knitting a baby set for a baby shower and I chose non-fiddly projects.


The set is lovely! Great yarn & unfussy construction. Great job!


That's a gorgeous set! I so love how the pastels have made way for vibrant baby knits!


and here I am once again bemoaning how far apart we live! I want to come over for coffee and talk about the party and how much I wanted to have a cigarette!


Love that outfit!


So adorable. The best dressed baby award goes to...


The sweater and the picture from the previous post are good color matches. Intentional? Lovely sweater and hat.

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