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For Norma.

Not quite old enough to be a "winner," we recently celebrated 23 years of togetherness with our "Radarange."  It was a wedding present in January 1985.  I remember being kind of pissed that it had a dial rather than a touchpad, but I got over it and I'm fine now.  I recall also receiving a 3-piece set of CorningWare -- the small saucepans with the clear glass lids, ideal for microwave cooking -- as a wedding gift from a related party.

In all this time, we've only ever had to replace the lightbulb.  I've been waiting -- not quite actively wishing (usually) -- for years for it to die so I can get the beast off my counter.  I don't really have any plans for "all" the extra space, but when I'm over visiting the Dyson department, I can't help but browse longingly amongst the small, sleek, white, one-touch ovens (and panini grills) and dream.  One can only imagine how quickly, in reality, the top of a smaller microwave would be stacked upon and obliterated with all manner of kitchen clutter.

The years tick by and it does, too.  I've included a shot in situ with Cream of Mushroom soup, toaster and fridge for scale.  The most unusual feature of this microwave is that the door opens from the top, like a regular oven, which means that you really wouldn't want it any higher than the countertop.



Is that...

OMG, yes, that's a microwave oven!

It reminds me of the one my mom had until we kids teased her so much that she finally replaced it. That was about a decade ago!

I keep scrolling back up to look at the picture. Sign me .....

In Disbelief ;)


That's pretty dern old.


Hokey smokes! We have ours (not the newest one, but a whippersnapper compared to this) outside in what is basically like an attached barn.


Dude. You are definitely glowing.


I remember the ginormous microwave that my parents bought (from JC Penny's!) in the early 80s. It was such a HUGE PURCHASE for them (then again, so were shoelaces--it ain't saying much).

Norma're the only serious contender in the contest so far! Hee. And there I thought I had a bunch!!!


My mom and her siblings bought their parents a microwave in the late '70s (complete with dial) and I got it when I had my first college apartment. It finally "died" when the girls were five. I shudder to think of the radioactivity seeping out of it.


I just posted my big ole micro.


My parents had a microwave similar to yours when I was a kid. Believe it or not, it was stolen when our house was broken into. They stole the microwave. And half an apple pie.

Lots of other stuff too, but the micro and pie really stand out.

My micro was a wedding gift too- almost 12 years and still works great!

Mary in Boston

Things were made to last back then, right?

I had an Amana Radarange too! It took up soooooo much counterspace. We gave it to my brother-in-law when we remodeled a kitchen. It worked great though, while we had it.


you had me at radar range.


wow. that is a beast! how long to make popcorn?


You have one serous microwave there! I love Cara's comment.


I can hear the DING!


We had a big one till about 6 yrs ago. We repainted the outside with something that fit in the kitchen. But that doesn't reduce the size.


Quite impressive! My parents never had a microwave, until we finally bought them one in 2003, when they were both in their eighties. My mom wouldn't touch it! My dad plugged it in and cooked bacon within five minutes of getting it out of the box.


Funny, the things that last always seem to be those we tire of and wish to go. I wish I could find a vacuum that last that long. I may be getting my wish this time around. Happy Valentine's Day!


Hee hee -- I have a Dyson microwave/convection oven. But our first microwave in 1979 was about the size of yours. Our kitchen was so small we had to put it on top of the refrigerator. Luckily it opened from the side.


Sorry, brain fart. I have a DACOR micro convection. Premature dementia is a tragic thing...

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