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That's my brother Michael -- and me watching over him.  He'll be 46 on St. Patrick's Day; almost didn't see 44.  "We are lucky to have him," as my sister wrote me the other day.

Indeed.  Two years ago today there was a traffic accident and his ordeal began; emergency brain surgery, several weeks in a coma, surgery to fuse vertebra, many more weeks wearing a body brace and undergoing rehab, both in the hospital and at home.  So much uncertainty, so many days of ups and downs, ins and outs, worry.  There are still restrictions in place, and likely always will be, regulating how much weight he lift and how many hours he can work.

The annual comin' around of this day combined with my uncle having lost his wife (the love of his life) last Valentine's Day are a couple of nonweather related reasons why February is not my favorite month, and contribute to my funk.  And this year, there's an extra day!

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Blog silence shall resume, as I'm leaving tomorrow for my weekend visit in Minneapolis.  I am so excited!  Blog friends always help with the funk -- they most certainly did two years ago, and they most certainly will now.  Check with Deb, my weekend hostess extraordinaire (no doubt), regarding the probability of a Saturday afternoon outing involving yarn and probably food.



Hurray for Michael!! Have a fun time in Minnie and say hi to everyone;-)


Can not believe it's been 2 years. Hope the planets align & I'm able to see you on Saturday!


We're all glad Michael is still around. We hovered in worry virtually when he had his accident. You've brightened my day by letting us know how far he's come:)


I'm here for you ALWAYS. Near or far. I LOVE YOU! Have a GREAT weekend!


Wow - that was 2 years ago? We'll have a good hug and cry (and perhaps a toddy!!) in gratitude and thanks for his successful journey!


I remember Michael's accident so clearly. It's a good reminder to count our blessings every day. Have a fabulous time this weekend. Give Deb a smooch from me.


Michael's survival and recovery is certainly a miracle - I think about him often and I am so glad that your family still has him to appreciate. February is almost over....


So glad to hear about your brother! I'm happy to know he's recovering so well

My mom has the same funk come over her every March. She lost her brother and her mother in that month, and nearly lost my sister as well. She hates March with a passion, and has a pretty huge black cloud hovering over her the whole month.

Hope your trip helps you put February behind you! Such a cute pic of your baby brother!


a difficult month, indeed. Yet we are all so happy for you that he made it.
have a restful, relaxing rest of the week.

kathy b

I remember it well. Wow. Great recovery story. Lots to celebrate. Have fun in MN. I was just there visiting my sister in Roseville.
Muffalata's anyone?


2 years! Wow. Happy upcoming Birthday Michael! Have a great weekend Vicki!


we are, both of us, surrounded by blessings. have a great trip Vicki!


beautiful story!

your swap package is en route. :)


Early Happy Birthday to Michael, and I hope you feel better ASAP. Come on Spring!


Happy March :) Have a great time :)

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