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Wintry mix

Wintry mix.  That pretty much sums it all up right now -- the weather forecast (it continues to be a mess outside), the comfort food I've been making, the movies I've been watching, the knitting projects I've got going -- it's all a bit of a wintry mix.  Ha!  It was hard getting back to work yesterday after five relaxing days off -- a wintry mix of feelings.

My relaxation included an unscheduled and unplanned movie marathon.  Somehow, I watched six movies on Friday and Saturday and, as I think about listing them, I can't remember exactly when or how I fit them all in -- I must have been something of a movie-watching, knitting slug!!  One was seen at a theater, one on TV, and the rest were on DVD.  They were all very different -- which is good, I guess -- and really not a stinker in the bunch.

On Friday afternoon, in an effort to get my Netflix queue moving again, I finally watched Harold and Maude, a movie that languished here for far too long.  I can't believe that I've never seen it before -- released in 1971, with a great Cat Stevens soundtrack (I love Cat Stevens!), and starring the adorable Ruth Gordon!  How did I miss it?  I've seen it now and, ignoring the 1970s styling and production, it's a great quirky story, told with wonderful humor.  (Coming soon -- maybe today -- to my mailbox, Mostly Martha, on Ann's recommendation.)

I think it was Friday evening when Maddy & Katie came to announce that the next showing of Atonement was in 10 minutes. Would I like to go?  Huh?  Spontaneity?  I haven't done that in a while!  We dashed around the house, dashed outside with the dog, and dashed off to the theater, arriving just in time for previews!  I loved this story -- the twists and turns.  It was darker than I was expecting, but I don't really know what I expected as I haven't read the book.  I think I'd like to someday.

At some point, maybe on Saturday afternoon, I watched Grand Hotel on TV.  I think I saw at least most of this movie once before, but it was long ago.  Truthfully, I'll watch just about anything with Lionel Barrymore -- I love his voice.  John Barrymore also starred and I couldn't help but smile every time he appeared in profile -- which was plenty -- always on the "good side"!  Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo... can't go wrong with names like that!

Katie & I watched 3:10 to Yuma, which I liked a lot.  I like a good western once in a while; I like Russell Crowe and especially Christian Bale; I liked the story and the way it was told.  It made me remember, once again, that I still need to watch UnforgivenAdd it to the queue!

We Are Marshall primed us for Sunday's football game.  Heartwrenching, of course, but also heartwarming.  I liked it, but thought it was choppy -- it was a good movie, but it could have been a better movie.  We were introduced to the coach's family so quickly in the beginning that when his wife turned up in the bleachers much later in the movie, it took me a minute to think about who she was and why she was there, then I remembered that he had a wife and kids!  I'm not even sure we got a good look at her earlier.

Rounding out the movie mix was Away From Her.  Sad and melancholy, it was amazing nonetheless.  Julie Christie has been a favorite since, wide-eyed at 11, I watched her on the big screen in Doctor Zhivago -- up against Rod Steiger, oh, and Omar.  Mom, fresh from a class in Russian history, took me to see it and whispered historical facts into my ear during the entire movie -- which didn't diminish its impression on me in any way.  Away From Her... Julie Christie is only three years younger than my mother and her character in this movie -- her beauty and style -- so resembles my mother... it was almost eery, given the subject and context and Mom's recent milestone birthday and in thinking of my grandmother, lost.  Heartbreaking... the movie... Alzheimer's.


This photo would seem to fit in nicely with the ABC-Along theme this year, and yet doesn't really have a place.  It's a photo of the logo on the ABC mangle that resided for years in the aforementioned grandmother's kitchen, but that I only saw her operate once (it's not a very kid-friendly machine).  My mother is an "ironer" of highest order and it's only fitting that the mangle now resides with her (I haven't seen her operate it yet).



Wow, that's a LOT of movies for one weekend. We went to see Juno last weekend and that was good. I'd like to see Atonement, too. Oh, and the Great Debaters was wonderful.


Loved the book so must see Atonement. We're huge fans of Westerns, too. Harold and Maude has long been a favorite. Sitting, knitting and movie watching are all perfect compliments to a wintry mix.


Compared to my very low-brow viewing this weekend I am left to wonder where I went wrong....

Smoky & the Bandit 2 AND Smoky & the Bandit 3

So very classy - don't ya think ;)


Vicki, I think the "ABC DeLuxe" photo would make a great logo for the ABC-Along! Thanks for the reminder to see "Away From Her". I had wanted to see it when it was first released and forgot about it (no pun intended!). I'm going to see if I can rent it today! Stay warm and dry!

Teresa C

Well, I am supposed to be heading to the gym, it is rainy and dreary and now I'd rather stay home and watch a movie! I love Harold and Maude, and I, too cannot believe this was the first time you watched it. Such a great movie!


LOVED "Atonement"! The book is wonderful too. Maybe I'll place my copy in "your" room! "We Are Marshall" touched me too - perhaps because it didn't have the typical Hollywood ending where they go out and win every game after the coach gives the big inspirational speech!

Beth S.

Oh man, Harold and Maude is such a classic! Once I saw it as a double feature with The Graduate. That was a great night.


Just in case you're wondering...almost all of We Are Marshall is true. Jack Lengyel isn't so, um, quirky. The Annie Cantrell (cheerleader) and Paul Griffen (played by Ian McShane) characters are not real but composite characters. The rest is absolutely true. I grew up in Huntington. My mom lost her boyfriend that night. Needless to say, my hometown community had a very vested interest in the movie. Overall, we think it was very well done and respectful. Now, everyone knows who we are. We Are Marshall!


You'll like Mostly Martha. It's the "original" movie in German with English subtitles; the new movie they released was called No Reservations. I saw this movie years ago and loved it. I couldn't bring myself to watch the new one. Kind of like watching Babette's Feast in dubbed-in English without the original language and English subtitles. Not so good!

Interesting about Atonement. I thought the book was longer than it needed to be. I have not seen the movie, but I think it must be better than the book. The book is dark too.


I highly recomend The Eye, Untraceable, P.S. I Love You and 27 Dresses.

I gotta see Atonement now. I've been wanting to anyhow... but I've been reading really good reviews on my fav knitting blogs... and we all know that if a knitter cant convince you, no one can!


You are hitting on some great films here. Grand Hotel is so fantastic and so unexpected. I find it surprisingly moving.


What a great movie venue! I love marathons :)


Holy cow, I've never watched that many movies in a weekend! Often David and I have said we were going to have a movie marathon, but my eyes and head usually give out before we can really actually do a MARATHON! Awesome!

Mary in Boston

I saw Atonement this past weekend too, with a friend, and we were both, um, underwhelmed a bit, I'd say. It was beautifully filmed, and very sad, but maybe I'd read too much hype about it before seeing it.

Would love to see Juno, and Away from Her. I would also like to see No Country for Old Men, but I'm a wimp about violence and I don't know if I could handle it. I do like the Coen brothers films though.

I'd like to see 3:10 to Yuma too. Thanks for the recommendation!


I remember seeing Harold and Maude when I came out in the movie theatre. I should probably watch it again.....

You really did have a movie marathon!

Melissa V.O.

I've heard it's been cold up there, movies sound like a good way to spend the weekend. Here are the lyrics to a song Garrison Keillor wrote that aired this weekend on A Prairie Home Companion, you can listen to it at the PHC website (prairiehome dot publicradio dot org, the Feb 2 '08 broadcast), it's about 8 minutes into the first segment, called "The Heating Pad Song":

I love my two electric heating pads at 180 degrees Fahrenheit. I lay them in my bed, one at the foot and one at the head. If it weren't for heating pads I'd be dead.

I love the butt-warmer in my car. In a world of ice and snow it warms you from below. If it wasn't for butt-warmers I'd stay home.

I love the dog[cat] who curls up at my feet. He smells and shakes his head, but he warms the bed down there. I love the dog[cat] who curls up at my feet.

There's nothing like a hot bath to get in and sit in steaming water to your chin. Run more hot if it gets cold, hear it gurgle in the overflow. Sit in a bath and wash away your sins.

I love to put my pajamas in the dryer, let them tumble around with the heat up higher. The flannel fits my form and keeps me toasty warm, especially with an electric heating pad.

Did I mention my electric heating pad? It's the best heating pad I ever had. Turn the temperature up high, it feels just like July and I lie in bed with the dog[cat] at my feet and pajamas that are warm from the dryer. AMEN

Ann Storti

Wow, that many movies in a weekend? I want you to know I have my mom's ABC Deluxe ironer in the basement of my home. I did see mom use it a few times on her bureau scarves. They were starched and would go round and round until they were perfect. Good old memories but I wish there was some museum that could use this.

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