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I was playing around with my camera and my knitting a while back -- one of my favorite combinations of playthings.  A little crazy with the counting and re-counting and counting again sometimes (sometimes I kind of drive myself nuts), I attached small split-ring stitch markers for every 10 rows of knitting and used a BIG one at 100.  I liked the "landscape."

I love, love, love my point-and-shoot Sony DSC-S85, but I'm ready for a big-girl camera -- a DSLR.  My finger's been hovering over a few Buy-It-Now buttons recently and I'm reading, reading, reading -- Sony (because they're terrific and I'm loyal) or Canon (because they're really terrific, too), Sony or Canon, Sony or Canon... or Nikon -- still having difficulty deciding which "it" it should be.  And really, I can't justify a leap into this territory without a plan to "make it work," which means moonlighting as a photographer -- this is where it starts to get a little daydreamy, but then I think too much and begin to worry and I slip into a little bit of a nightmare.  This isn't something I woke up thinking about yesterday, though, it's been on my mind in varying degrees for a few years now.  It just takes some believing, a little bit of faith -- in myself and in the big bad world.  And darn it, I'm determined to make my way past SOME of these little demons in my life.  Eventually.

Speaking of which...  Yes, I am still going to school.  I have only one class this semester and it's going very, very well.  I never knew I could get a paper returned with so many marks and notes and scribbles and still get an "A."  I have lots to learn.

I was trying to remember the name of a book about the secret language of knitters to tell Brenda about over the weekend and... it's called The Secret Language of Knitters!  Um, yeah.  Actually, I think Brenda was wondering more about the secret language of bloggers, but if you're talking about KNIT-blogging, then there's bound to be plenty of overlap and intermingling with the secret language of knitters.

Not so secret is Jody's announcement of her new Knotions magazine.  Jody's knitting and good sense and wonderful eye and attention to everything that matters about construction is why this is so exciting.  Take the reader's survey and let her know what you'd like to see in Knotions.

And today, Brett Favre has broken my heart a little bit.  I'm excited for the future, but this was another little dream that I didn't want to end.



My condolences...
Get the camera...learn how to use it, pick Cara's brain and then decide if a move to photography is in your future. How do you know if you don't just do it?


Great photos. You're more than ready for a DSLR. I love my Canon but I hear great things about many of the others, too.


LOVE the photos!


Someteimes you just have to take a deep breath - and JUMP! I've been hearing the collective hearts of lots of folks to the east breaking all afternoon. Mine too.


I was just looking at your Flickr photos-love the garden shots. I want an herb garden. Perhaps it is because I was just posting to my Master Gardener Assoc's blog, but I saw a garden in these photos. Oh geez, I would have to read my Nikon D50's manual to learn how to take photos without the flash. But I love it for closeups with shallow depth of field. There was no doubt for me about which brand of camera, as I had several Nikon AF lenses I could use with the DSLR. (Do I actually use them? hmm.) I just stick with the 18-55mm SLOW zoom. I got spoiled by my auto everything Nikon SLR-whose lenses I can now use on the new toy. The D50 cost the same as my 20-some yr old manual exposure Nikon did when new. I got it on Amazon. Good luck & best wishes with whatever you decide. (I carry a baby Nikon Coolpix L4 in my knitting bag-the D50 won't fit in there or my purse.)


i too am going to make the SLR leap! My last P&Sn Sony wasn't my favorite, it takes great photos, just sometimes, I miss a lot! So.. SLR here I come. I am HEAVILY leaning toward the CANON Rebel XTI, I hear nothing but good things about this camera. Good luck, I can't wait to see what you get :)


I agree with Margene. Get the camera. Do it soon. Because you only go around once and the longer you wait...the longer it'll be.


In past years I was one of the many wondering why Brett didn't retire. This time I was hoping he'd stay one more year. :)


My vote would have to go for Canon. I've had a Rebel since they first came out. Now I have several Canon compact SLRs and they all take great photos. I have a friend that is a photographer and she swears by Canon and their lenses. I use the little ones when I want to be able to take video and when I don't feel like lugging the Rebel with its huge telephoto lens (which I use the most).

But ... different strokes for different folks. It's all in what you like or have used in the past. And, in the past I had Minoltas back in the film days.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Sarah W.

I have a Sony Alpha 100 (their new-ish DSLR) and love it. My decision was based mostly on the fact that I had lenses from a Minolta print camera - Sony bought out Konica/Minolta a few years ago, so their SLRs are a blend of technologies.
Anyway, I took it to Africa (pics in my flickr) and have used it sporadically since and I recommend it!


Great photos, who knew a little plastic could be so beautiful!


I'm sorry about Brett -- but you have sweet, sweet memories. He seems to be a peach of a person too!


If you want the physical feel of a film SLR then I'd recommend the Nikon. The Canons just feel too... plasticy? to me. But if you weren't a film slr user and just want something nicer than a digital, I've heard great things about the Rebel--lots of people seem to love it. Have you seen

(And I'm a die-hard New Englander, but even I cried a little bit at Brett's announcement. So sad!)


I just bought a Canon Digital Rebel XT and I love it! I haven't even figured out all the different way to use it, but I still love it.

I was a bit saddened by Brett's announcement, but I'm glad he decided to go out after a good season.


Long Live Brett! There's always something to be said about going out when you know it's time and before everyone else thinks it's time. We were so sorry to see the way the playoff dream ended this year, but that's a blip in an otherwise awe-inspiring career. And hey, there WAS life after Holmgren, so....

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