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A good day



One of my friends and neighbors recently split a rhubarb plant they had growing behind the garage and shared it with me!  It arrived in the mail yesterday.  From Long Island.  That's in NY.  From my neighbor who lives 1,036 miles away!

As I've said many times before, the internet is both a curse and a blessing -- bringing us so close together while we remain so far apart.

Well, it'll probably sound sappy (that's ME!), but I'll nurture this little rhubarb plant as a reminder of the blessings -- and I can't wait 'til next spring!  It's hard to believe that I've never had a rhubarb plant of my own.  Originally, I was going to put it behind my garage -- it's a "behind the garage" kind of plant -- but there was a perfect spot behind the house, just at the bottom of the stairs.

Thank you, Ann!



That's so nice!
I got my first rhubarb plant from a neighbour at my old house(two doors away)
At my new one I found a large plant growing in the middle of the grass (!) I guess the last owners weren't sure about moving it or something. I've already made crisp and a pie is next! And in the fall, I move it to the back of the garage with the pumpkin plants!


WOW. Now that is love. Rhubard and strawberry pie is to die for in my books.


The Internet (and blogs in particular) are just that...a blessing and a curse. Next spring you can figure out how to send me something you BAKE from the rhubarb, K?


I hope you enjoy the fruits of that plant for many years to come. I have a great rhubarb sauce recipe if you're interested.


I'll be right over for a cup of coffee! fingers crossed that it survives my treatment!


I love stories like you shared today. Warm fuzzies all around.


Vicki--Rhubarb is an exotic fruit (vegetable?) here in So Cal that costs 4 or 5 dollars a pound. Today is my 50th (!) birthday and my mom is promising my traditional Rhubarb Custard Birthday Pie for me when I come to visit GB next weekend. My brother has a plant behind his garage that I hope to be splitting with him this fall. I love love love rhubarb. What a fun series of memories your post evokes today!


Seriously, the earrings alone would have made it a good day for me!

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