On your mark...


These two have vowed to not cut their hair (excluding occasional trims of not more than one inch) for the next year.  They've even put money on it.  Alison hasn't had long hair since grade school, and Maddy's never really was what you'd call "long."  She wants it long for her graduation.  As of yesterday -- the last day of school -- she's officially a senior.

Girls1bwI've been learning a little bit about color correction (above) and black-and-white conversions (one of my faves at right).  I wish I had the original handy.  Wait!  I do!!  Oh, but I'm not going to show you or Katie'd kill me; she's in the original and there's a reason she's not in the final.  I'm going to be seeing her this weekend and I'd rather she wasn't mad at me.  Just imagine drab and dull and Katie not quite at her best, and then be AMAZED!!

If you want to be... AMAZED!!

Anyway.  This is just to mark the spot.  Same Time, Next Year?

Happy Weekend!!



What a great pic of the girls! I love the vibrant colors in the color pic! :)


Excellent photos of your girls.


Great shots of the grrls! You're doing good work.


God they are so gorgeous! Katie too - even tho she opted out!

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